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$1000 monthly marketing budget

my first post, and I am glad to have stumbled upon this forum thmbp2;

So I recently got back into sales after a few years of freelancing as a web developer and have joined a technology based printing company focused on the enterprise market.

I will be starting off with a list of companies, with very little opportunity to source business outside of that 'territory', but I also have $1000 a month to spend on marketing.

Any ideas on what to do with that money?

Thanks! - by digitalhighs
Does your company get a lot of business from the Internet? - by Bulldog
there are over 50 inside outbound account managers, a strong enterprise reach, and a strong internet presence. I'm just another one of the 50 who will be given a list of local companies to call on. - by digitalhighs
My first reaction is that you are in Sales, yet you are being given a Marketing budget. It sounds like your company does not understand the distinction between Sales and Marketing.

What I would do with my $1K/month would depend a lot upon what corporate-wide marketing outreach programs are in place to build brand awareness, credibility, etc.

If such a program is in place, then I would focus my efforts on identifying a niche where you are already strong (you already have several accounts there) and dominating it.

If such a program is NOT in place, then that's a whole 'nother animal. - by dbarnhart
If it was a local territory then I would use it to join a local chamber of commerce or a sales networking organization.

If it is not possible then use on promotional items to send follow up literature to potential clients.

Just a few ideas...

Good Selling

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
How big is your market and have you priced radio, TV, print, etc.? There are many things you can do with $1000 per month. - by MPrince
Just to follow up...You can buy a schedule on local Broadcast TV, Cable TV or Radio in most markets for $1000 a month. If you are working with a small budget then the key is to be consistent, have a good product, and come up with a creative commercial idea. I have several small accounts that spend $1000-$1500 a month and get very good results. Then as your sales increase you can slowly start to increase you ad budget. - by MPrince
I think the key is to have a plan written out before hand. Although you can plan as you go along, and take things to the next step. However, having budget makes things completely easier as opposed to not having much of a budget at all. - by Jumpman
The plan is...you call the different marketing companies for appointments (radio stations, TV stations, Cable stations, etc.) let them know what your budget is, $1000 a month, let them know who your customer is (who you are trying to reach). It could be that you are trying to expand your current customer base or maybe you are going after a brand new market. That will all be important to the sales rep so they can put the right advertising package together for you. You are looking for the one that will reach the most people (Your customer) with your $1000 a month. Whatever you choose give it at least ninety days. It will take that long before you see the full benefits.

MP - by MPrince
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