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Smokestacking - Sales Prospecting

Has anyone ever heard or use the term "smokestacking"? - by Thomas
I found this on the web....

Smokestacking is a classic 1960s sales expression. This style refers to searching around until you see a smokestack.

When you see one, you drive to it and thereís your prospective customer.

This works great if your prospects have smokestacks, but many donít.

However, smokestacking still works.

Businesses in similar industries tend to locate near each other, primarily because of zoning restrictions, but also for access to transportation services.

For example, distribution centers are often found next to railroad yards.

Moreover, retail centers are strategically located near potential buyers.

As basic as this seems, it helps you stay focused on a particular customer industry.

When youíre good at what you do, customers will be happy to tell others about you.

Gaining that experience and success is easier when you serve a limited number of industries.

Smokestacking works well for new construction.

You can get in on the ground floor by asking the construction company for the final cleanup.

Even if you donít get the cleanup, youíll want to get the management companyís name.

As soon as you know who the management company is, contact them about the new property and ask to get on their bid list.

Earlier is better than later, or missing out entirely.

However, waiting around for new buildings isnít very fruitful.

You donít want to wait on new buildings to fuel growth ó youíll have to continue smokestacking. - by jdedwa11
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