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What is your social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is the rage. What is your strategy for capitalizing on social media marketing? - by SpeedRacer
I have a few profiles on some important social networking sites where our target audience hangs out. I stay active there by commenting on blogs, friending, messaging users that would be interested in our site, and keeping my profile active.

I also comment on blogs that would benefit from our site and spend time on forums like this one checking out new trends and researching other sites similar to ours. - by ginac84
For my professional sales job I won't use it. It is not targeted to my market at all which is hospitals and surgery centers.

However, I soon will be launching a website www.oklahompokerclub.com (not up yet) and I will be combing the Facebook, Myspace and others for poker players to drive to this site.

Good Selling - by Sell4alivn
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