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Internet marketing for sales professionals

Do you feel that Internet marketing is a prospecting method sales people need to learn? - by SpeedRacer
SpeedRacer, I think it depends a great deal on the exact job duties of the salesperson and the industry in which they work. Having said that, I think that every prospector should - at a minimum - keep their eyes open for identifying ways to connect with potential buyers (or a network who can refer potential buyers) on the internet. - by Skip Anderson
Your question is a good one but depends on the type of selling the person is conducting. An entrepreneur, consultant, etc might use the internet for marketing.

Any selling professional must use the Internet to discover as much about the prospect before picking up the telephone and saying hello!

Good Selling!
Drew - by Drew Stevens
Do you feel that Internet marketing is a prospecting method sales people need to learn?
I'd like to add to Skip and Drew's comments.

I think internet marketing is changing the way we communicate on many levels, including selling. And it is changing rapidly.

Entrepreneur March 2007 had an article that quoted research about the increase of people searching the internet for even local business needs so, I doubt that internet marketing even at this level is going down.

Find out where your customers are finding you now. Then build those avenues into your marketing plan. I would bet that some of them are finding you on the internet so it will likely be one part of your marketing. - by patweber
Certainly the Internet can be an additional way for you to Prospect however be aware that it is illegal to do so for some Financial Instruments. There are many Blogs you can post comments on as well as write and post Articles that could position you as a possible Industry Expert. Of course you could also have your own personal Web Site.

Stan Billue, CSP - by Stan Billue
Hi Speedracer

There is some great advice on this thread. Pat make s agreat point about being aware of local search and what your local market is looking for.

Here is the uk. Over 20% of every 1 spent on purchases happen on line and this is growing at a phenomanal rate. Therefore you can't ignore this market.

First think about your market . Where do they hang out? what are their issues and needs? how can you best serve them? how can you add value and build a relationship?

Again it depens on your market. Having a blog that serves the market captures contact details and gets you into a relationship will serve you well. The grow in sales now for anyone will come with relationship building as this creates long term sustainability in your business relationships.

First thing though. Have a surf around putting your keywords into google that you think your customers might search on. Even ask them how they find suppliers. - by SalesManagersCoach
I believe internet marketing is a valuable tool in many ways. It helps me in research when I am prospecting so that I have important information about a prospect before I call on him/her. - by MPrince
I believe the internet as a market place is going to explode over the next few years. My question is as a data base of prospects and customers grows, what it the best frequency of contact to keep them in the pipeline and as repeat customers. I am referring to niche marketing. - by Ed Gilbert
The best frequency is......more often than you might imagine.

But not if you send out meaningless bumf.

You need to keep them interested by sending out valuable messages and info. Industry news, product tips, how to get the best use from their purchases etc.

It is essential that you track email 'open rates'

Send good value and they will look forward to your emails. - by helisell
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