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Advertising on your automobile

Do you think automobile advertising -magnetic doors signs, window screens, license plate holders or bumper stickers - is cheesy? - by realtor
I think magnetic signs and bumber sticker would be cheesy. If you get professional permanent graphics on your car then I think it is okay.


To me a magnetic sign says...I'm a new realtor and I need clients. Permanent graphics say....This is my full time gig and I want you to know I am serious about my business. - by Sell4alivn
The mobile billboard idea would seem to give a much better impression than the old fashioned magnetic signs. The investment is substantially different but the results would seem to support it. - by Seth
A real estate guy, home repairs guy, and carpet sales guy in my BNI group have magnetic signs on their cars and they report the mice come for the cheese.

Cheesy or not I don't know - we don't have a sign on our car - maybe the quality and wording of the magnetic sign and the kind of business have something to do with it too.

Someone told me once an opportunity card tacked on a wall was cheesy, I did it anyway and have a distributor of ten years from it. Someone else told me a flier was cheesy and that too brought in a distributor.

Is cheesy in the eye of the beholder? Is one man's cheese another man's Golden Goose? The more I try and come to final absolute answers the more I dunno.

Who stole my cheese?

MitchM - by MitchM
For me it seems every handyman and subcontractor has the old magnetic signs I don't even bother looking at them but IMO the back window advertising, and rolling billboard concept are alot more effective. But in your line of work word of mouth advertising is hands down the best, go through the old contracts and make contact, everyone needs or knows someone who needs a good realtor.

~James - by Mr. Cesario
I think the magnetic signs are cheesy, but you know what? They still catch my eye when I come across one. - by ditch182
It is cheesy when the whole entire vehicle is plastered with ads. I think simplicity or something catchy works really well. For example, I'm just going to have my domain name created as a logo...graphics designer working on it as we speak. I'll have the website on both sides of the vehicle and on the top of the rear window. My license plates are being ordered with the domain name as well...without the www and dot com part of course.

Then you can also get those shiny little emblems (like car emblems) made with your domain name instead of stickers. I think this works better than some cars that I see that have stuff like:

Company Name
Phone Number
But now and get this or that for whatever price.
Hurry before this offer expires.

It's just too much and becomes white noise...that's just my opinion.

Nam Do - by nocci01
Hey everybody thanks. I'm sold. Professional and permanent advertising instead of fly-by-night magnetic signs. - by realtor
Permanent or temporary isn't the issue for me. The image such advertising projects and the impact in makes in the target market's mind is what matters to me. - by Liberty
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