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How to Find People's need, purpose, and motivation.

Will any one please help me on how should I find people's need, their purpose for buying life insurance. what poweful questions should i ask on how to find their needs, purpose and their motivation to buy life insurance. Your help will be greatly appreciated. - by dennis27
Y: Dennis, maybe you can help me out a minute?
M: Sure.
Y: I am wondering what steps you have taken to protect your family in case something bad happened to you?
M: I have some life insurance.
Y:Would you be open to hearing some ideas on how to best protect your family in that situation? - by jdedwa11
Dennis27, when you say "find people's need" do you mean random people as in cold calling, or do you mean you have a meeting with a prospect who has expressed interest in meeting with you? In other words, are we talking about a cold calling script here? Or are we talking about a meeting to discuss your prospect's insurance needs? - by Skip Anderson
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