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Straight Commission vs. Base Salary +

Hypothetically speaking if you had to make a choice in compensation which would you choose straight commission or base salary + (bonuses, contests, paid training, etc.) and why. - by Jolly Roger
I'd take straight commission. Before the WHY, when I started a business with my current company twelve years ago it was because of product quality and results BUT what I was was commissions and over rides - I wanted over rides. I knew I could make a little money selling and whole sailing but the big money would come in over rides or residuals.

Now the WHY is that I like and need the challenge of straight commission to get my energy flow moving and motivated to act. In other words, it's stimulation.

Also, it puts me in charge of my income which I like.

MitchM - by MitchM
I prefer base salary and commission. I don't like the risk of straight commission. Especially with the economy fluctuating so much right now. I prefer my safety net - by JulieR
I definatly pefer having a base salary and commission.
as my sales manager says - your salary pays the bills, your commission pays for your lifestyle msnwnk;
I agree with JulieR having a base salary is a safety net. if your good at sales and the commission scheme is good you have the potenail and ability to earn as much as you want. - by jessica
I prefer strait commission..The more I sell the more I make. I am in the software industry and the product I sell does better in a down economy. I am doing very well right now..

We are hiring..if there are any closers out there that would be interested in a commission job selling awesome technology send me a PM... - by b2brep
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