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Blogs vs. Social Networks

Which holds more value for you, and why, blogs or social networks? - by Admin-Asst
For me (and Salesconx), we rely more on social networking. Although blogging IS a form of social networking, I keep the two separate. I find that we get much more traffic/business from our social networking profiles because we are one-on-one with our clients through them. Our blog is there for our current members, not really to recruit new ones. - by ginac84
Although blogging IS a form of social networking, I keep the two separate.
What makes blogs a form of social networking? Is it because on some blogs you can leave comments? - by realtor
What makes blogs a form of social networking? Is it because on some blogs you can leave comments?
Sorry I meant to say that blogs are a form of social MEDIA, not networking. True, you CAN network through blogs, but they are not used primarily to network like LinkedIn or Facebook. - by ginac84
I think the two are inextricably linked. You can't blog without having an audience which means that you need to have a network. Rarely do you see well known bloggers who don't visit other blogs. Most visit other blogs to socialise, get material, comment etc. In this respect, as I think Gina rightly pointed out the first time, blogs are social networks.

However, to search for new blogs, authors and material in your niche one of the greatest ways of finding new people who share your ideas and opinions is social networking. Sites like MyBlogLog and Blogcatalog are a valuable source of finding new blogs to read. Sites like LinkedIn (and of course SalesPractice) are great resources for finding people and sharing ideas, the people you find there may have a blog or may read yours.

Though I think it is possible to do one or the other (and be successful) the two types of media are closely related and complimetary. I value them equally. - by nesh thompson
Your blog holds your information and you control it.

Facebook (et al) own the information you put up and they control when it comes down and when it goes up. They moderate you etc.

So, for networking they're great - for information I need to control my blog is it. - by sarahk
Blogs require much more work than social networking. With networking, you get exponentially as much out as you put in and on networks like WeCanDo.BIZ your results are fairly easy to see.

With blogs you could put in twice as much and not be at all sure what it has done for you in return, as you are expecting a passive reaction to it, unlike social networking.

I believe both should be done, but inevitably it is social networking people will keep up when time runs out.

IH - by wecandobiz
For me, blogs are as important as social networks. In fact, I frequently use social networking sites to drive traffic back to my blog. Of course, I maintain a blog on all the social networking sites I belong to and that helps to pique interest in my marketing services.

Especially in these times of ecomonic instability, the work we do on social networks (if it applies per our target audience) will determine how our business fares. The key is to establish yourself as the expert. Remember to give of yourself to others, too. People ultimately buy from people they like. So make yourself likeable. - by raedawn
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