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What "Mailing List" company should I use?

This is my first post so Hi everyone!

We sell Advertising to small businesses and Professionals,I am looking at an company called "Sales genie" to provide us with new business leads,typically younger than 6 months in business
(they tend to have spent all of their budget unless we get to them before that...probably by you folks on here ;sm )
Has anyone used them? they charge $125 for 500 exports and can zoom in to the areas we need so it is a good match,we have to sighn for a year and there is a contract so before I do my question is are there any better/cheaper/free alternatives that will do the job? - by carlukok
Who did you end up going with? - by Mikey
No purchased list is perfect. Every list service tells you they have the most current information, they always say it is up to date within the last 3-6 months, and then you will find plenty of contact names on the list that have not been associated with the company that they are shown with for well over a year if not longer.

It is as my father would say a "crap shoot". - by Paulette Halpern
My experience is that it's random.

You do the best you can to eliminate irresponsible list brokers, buy from good sources, then spend as many hours on the phone daily as it takes to make a sale. Believe it or not that's the major way I've become successful in the past twelve years with my company which is network marketing - the methods are much the same as in conventional sales.

MitchM - by MitchM
As it is, just get a list of names to call and make the calls. - by Paulette Halpern
SRDS - go to their site. They have lists from thousands of list brokers that can get very specific to who you're looking for.

Good luck!

Nam - by nocci01
Does a public register exist for newly registered companies in your country...and is the list easily accessible? When I used a list broker, I would probably usually more criteria for list selections...since you are paying for the service. You can then test one segment against the other. The lessons you learn will usually outweght the small extra cost they will charge for apply list critieria. - by alexhar
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