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Paying for Lead Generation?

Does anyone here do that? Any stories you'd like to share? - by ginac84
What kind of lead generation Gina? - by Bulldog
Lead generation can be an extremely cost effective way to increase your business. You may end up paying anywhere from $5 to $30 per lead, and if you happen to close 10-20% of those leads then your return on investment can be significant (depending upon the price of your services). - by Team Building FL
Your question is kind of vague (don't take offense) so hopefully my response will work for you.

I use and have used Google Adwords to drive leads to my web site to capture names for leads. I find this an effective way to find get leads since they are typically targeted based on geography, keyword and age demographic.

I guess I would look at the math behind lead generation. For example, right now I am consulting with a firm where they are not closing a lot of business. If you look at their lead to close rate, they probably are in the 20% range or better, but they don't have a lot of leads. So if I look at the fact that they closed 3 sales last year (higher priced software package) and they probably pay their sales person $90K/year, then they paid approximately $4500 per lead.

So I think that if you have decent qualified leads, then it will help shorten the sales cycle timeframe and it will also all sales people to focus on tasks other than lead generation (think cold calling) which a lot of sales people do not like.

Hope this helps. - by salestipaday
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