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How to get a good sales mentor

Hello to all,

I've recently started a game development outsourcing company with myself and a partner. As CEO and frontman, I am also by default the Chief Sales Officer and lead salesman.

I'm now starting on my first few sales, and loving the process thmbp2;, but I've really not had too much sales experience in the past and know that there's much room for improvement.

As part of this, I've bought Jeff Gitomer's sales bible and taken great sales advice from that.. but I need more training, and mentors are a great way to do this.

I need a sales mentor to help give me good sales heuristics
and coach me on my sales correspondances and overall sales processes.... but I'm very much at a loss to where to find one, especially since I'm on a limited budget.

Does anyone have any advice on where I could find a mentor, perhaps via networking organizations or online? Any insight from the voices of experience on this forum would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Mike. - by Gamer Mike
Also, by the way, I saw another thread here from someone asking about sales coaches - and many of the replies gave advice on what to look for in a mentor but not too much about specific suggestions on WHERE to look.

If people could provide suggestions that are more focused on specific places to look or strategies to take on find