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Cold Calling Tips - What You Need to Know!

Cold calling tips are everywhere but what cold calling tips you do feel are the most important - what cold calling tips do you feel every salesperson should know? - by Jolly Roger
Salespeople make all kinds of excuses for not making cold calls. So the first tip that is most important is "Just make them". Don't scrutinize what time of day it is, or day of the week it is -- "Just make them".

I believe in making effective ones, and there are lots of different concepts...with lots of different training philosophies and techniques.

Find one that you are comfortable with and has shown you (or you believe it can) that it can deliver results and use it. Don't waiver, just do it, as Nike says. - by Paulette Halpern
Don't try to sell anything in the cold call. Just tell them who you are, the company you represent and the problem you solve for companies like theirs. Find out if the are open to talking with you. If not, move on or ask for a referral. If yes, set a time to talk more and get off the phone. After all, they were not expecting your call. - by jdedwa11
when cold calling, my best approach is to come accross as apologetic and considerate of their time....

"oh hello, this is mike with ABC CO, i was just calling real quick to give you a little bit of info about a special program that would probably increase your sales by about 40% next month, now I need to speak to the person who handles the advertising? (Screw it, sound demanding) be the boss....take it away constantly!

"look my name is mike with abc, i was just calling real quick to get you some free information about a special blah blah program and i need to speak to the head of the household!" youd be surprised what happens when you just get blunt and hardnosed....to the point! people buy because they are scared that you dont really need to sell it...you got so many others that want to buy in fact that you may be sold out and they may not even be able to get one later...

"well mr and mrs jones, id love to show you that program, but the fact is its ending soon and even tho it offers some big discounts, most people just arent in position to take advantage of them...because of the short notice and thats why most of my clients are a waiting list just to get more of our product delivered."

if you do it just right, they will beg you to show them..... "well i just want to see the discount program"

or "how much is the discount?"

when you make a call, the first thing is to set a personable tone...thats a good first impression, which is all about your opening voice and phrasing which should be upbeat and hi pitch in the beginning of the pitch especially. - by coolmtn
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