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Warm to Cold Calling Culture Change - HELP !

Hello there - Well, I'm definately not too proud to admit this is not only my first blog on this site, but my first blog ever ! I thank you in advance for any help that you can offer...
My Sales Team has been very successfull under our past conditions of warm calling new and turnaround sales - today however, our sales strategy is in need of expansion into the cold calling market. Along with the intimidation being felt going over to cold - I feel the need to educate myself first and foremost so I can continue to lead my team through education and integration and finally SUCCESS ! This site is a gem and am hoping that there are solid pieces of advice from the Professional Sales Industry that will help me guide my Sales team to their past World-Class level.
I thank you very much !
Lorraine -
Ps - I'm very open to feedback of this blog and its content thmbp2; - by Lorraine
Lorraine, in order to provide meaningful input, perhaps a few points could be provided:
1. B2B or B2C?
2. length of selling cycle?
3. complexity of sale?
4. how is the existing team configured:
a) geographic considerations(i.e. local, regional, national);
b) any pre-sale service component;
c) any techical after-sale service;
5. what sort of revenue/GM is current/expected?

It would also be handy to understand why is this change to your sales model is contemplated?

Thanks in advance.

Good luck & Good selling!
Pat - by OUTSource Sales
Hello Lorraine,

Cold calling works when it is highly targeted with a customer-focused message. My recommendation is to spend the time upfront identifying the best types of prospects for your product or service and then crafting a message that will resonate with this market. Cold calling is a communication skill.

The good news is, there are plenty of resources available to you should you need help. - by Wendy Weiss
I can help.

You are probably sitting on hundreds of warm calls that you do not know about. My company has a tool that allows you to identify the traffic that goes to your website. Never cold call again!
PM me if you would like to learn more. - by b2brep
I've worked with dozens of sales organizations making this kind of change. Even Fortune 500 companies have trouble with this. If you've already started this transition, you've probably already noticed resistance and you'll find that at least 20% of your team will never be able to adapt. In fact, you'll notice that certain people are more customer service minded and aren't really salespeople.

There are dozens of steps needed and I'll try to cover a few highlights here. Feel free to call me and we can talk more in-depth.

1. Make sure your new compensation plan is adjusted. It needs to pay them for being hunters
2. You may want to assess each person to see what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as their belief system
3. Help them see the similarities between warm calling and cold calling. Show them how to apply their current skill sets to cold calling
4. Adjust their mindset about cold calling. Ask them, "when I say the word cold calling what comes to mind." They will have plenty of negative things to say. Help them understand the positive aspects of cold calling.
5. Make sure they have a good script that is personalized to them. It's important that they don't sound like $6/hr telemarketers.
6. See if you can combined elements of cold calling with warm calling.
7. You'll need to have coaching sessions with them every week (or even more frequently). Have them record some of their calls and then listen together. No matter how bad they are, provide 80% positive feedback at first. You're goal is to increase their confidence, and they will be hard enough on themselves.

Call or email me if you want to talk more. 952-486-7134, or jake {at} ovationsales.com. You can also download the Prospecting Playbook. - by Jake Atwood
The answer to making this transition is training. Increase their skills, this is the best way to succeed in any sales practice.

It is not only creating a script with a "customer-focused message" that is imperative to master but knowing how to recognize customer attitudes, dealing with them once you know what they are and thereby converting a higher percentage of suspects to qualified prospects.

Look, here is the bit you don't read about online: once you know what you are doing - calling people you don't know is not painful. But to get there, you need to training from a real expert.

The difference is one in 18 calls to one in three or four. And, least you think that is a 600% increase it is far more, because of the immeasurable - and that is the amazing boost in confidence that goes with the increase in numbers.

It is NIGHT and DAY.

Start by changing the phrase COLD CALLING to something far more interesting and less daunting, like our trademark; Gold Calling . Insist that your whole staff adopts this far more positive term, in communicaitons with each other and when they think of the name of what they are doing (internal communications, if you like) ... then insist that they be a part of a once per week morning training session and get a top phone prospecting specialist to share what really works over a period of a few weeks once a week.

Adopt a policy of listening to HOW TO audios once a week too.

Teach your people to speak their script out loud to each other, their significant others and to a mirror if they have no "other" (and even if they do because practice is key).

Make sure the script is tight, short and packed with a GENERAL BENEFIT STATEMENT.

Study together how to deal with common objections, especially "Can you send me more information", which is more often than not a put off (surprised?). - by Gold Calling
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