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Alternative approaches to Driving Traffic and Sales

The key to driving traffic whether it is PTC, Adwords is targeting. Specific sites or Keywords selection in our Adword campaign helps to position our sites to targeted markets.

There are all kinds of communities on the websites. Some like the social communities like Face Book, Linked In, etc abhor commercialization.... even thought their organizers are getting into it for survival reasons.

Recently I have participated in the Traffic Exchange Community. The participants are mainly people who have made or want to make money through internet marketing.

You may list up your websites or pages with the exchanges and earn credit points by viewing websites posted up by others...hence the exchange. The credits you earn will help fund the exposure of your own website. Its an interesting idea to get you websites visited for FREE. Viewing third party offers can also be interesting and informational.

Those who are interested to know more may visit the Exchange Site. Presently they are offering new members 500 free credit points for joining. That means you may receive some 300 visits to your website ???

This exchange site is organized by Kenneth Kraakstad who is pretty well known in the Traffic Exchange Community.

Whether or not these exposures lead to sales is of course another matter. However if you have a products or service which the community is hungry for...helps them make money through internet marketing.... I can almost guarantee you good responses and sales. - by alexhar
The only point to traffic without conversions is to show a sucker how much traffic your site gets, then sell it to them. - by ditch182
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