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Probing questions to ask people

:cu kindly provide with a list of probing questions related to life insurance that we should ask from the standpoint of benefiting the customer, while getting the answers we can determine if a potential sales opportunity exists even before the actual sales interview. - by dennis27
That statement causes many raised eyebrows however please appreciate that Questions Prod, Probe and Pry and can be very confrontational. Also since most Salespeople use a majority of Closed Ended Questions they get limited response Answers.

Instead I urge you to use "Instructional Statements" which are much more Coversational. Try variations of these:
Tell me about your Family
Fill me in on your Retirement Plans
Bring me up to date on your current Coverage

In addition it's extremely beneficial to add "Continuation Phrases" to have the Prospect explain or enhance their Answer. Use:
Go on
Please continue
Tell me more

Have a "FANTA$TIC" Future!
Stan Billue, CSP - by Stan Billue
Read my comment in this thread;

Ask open questions to extract the best information from the customer. If they aren't specific enough, get them to elaborate until you are satisfied.

"Now if you were to take up life insurance, what is important to you"

followed by

"when you say ______________, how do you mean exactly?"

This way, you find out what is the customers perceived value and you can recommend based on what they've told you... not what you tell them. - by MrCharisma
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