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What's your opinion?

First off, a Big HELLO to everyone.. I've been away for a while, but now I'm back ;sm It's been a heck of a year.

Anyways, I've been doing some self-assessment in regards to the future and came to the conclusion that my core skills and knowledge (after nearly 30 years in the tech field) are as follows; The ability to explain highly technical solutions to non-technical people like CEO's, CFO's ect, and demonstrate that the proposed solution is really what they need, Strong knowledge of servers, CRM, Groupware and Security and finally, Dogs.. LOL

With this in mind, What would you as a successful group of people see as the best market direction as it relates to desires and needs in the marketplace?
  1. Become a freelance Technical liaison helping tech organizations with very little "people skills" close their sales and solutions.
  2. Set up and rent "virtualized" servers with full CRM and/or Exchange type solutions on a month to month basis with a low enough fee to make it worthwhile to small biz and independents.
  3. Set up a website selling very durable, or indestructible dog toys for large breeds. (I just spent nearly $30 last week on Frisbees for my German Shepherd until I found one he couldn't destroy after 20 minutes of playtime)
These are my top 3 business ideas. Anyone have an opinion as to which would be most attractive to todays marketplace? - by TommyMac5
Dog toys all the way. The market is probably bigger and more lucrative than the other two options. - by Mikey
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