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Following up with Hiring Manger and Company Recruiter


I just graduate college and landed my first sales job as an account manager. I am a little bit confused on what to write in my follow-ups. I have friends who have suggested that I do double duty and follow up with an email and a card. I am a little nervous sending the email because it's my first and I feel like I am making a really big deal out of it. I don't want to say anything out of line or unprofessional? Definetly could use some advice. Thanks!

Edit: Do I make the email long or short, the examples on the internet show some really long letters. I was just going to send a quick note via email and by snail mail?

SO confused...so many options...what do i do? - by LukeSaleswalker

I wouldn't even go for the instant sale. I would send something informative and valuable to the prospect.

What do you sell?

BD - by Bald Dog
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