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What to say on contact to sold clients?

After a customer has purchased a vehicle from me, we have software which automatically schedules follow-up calls: 3 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, then every 90 days after that. This is to make sure we are there to answer any questions the client may have and to stay in touch. What are some things I could talk to the client about when I call? Any ideas? Now I ask if they have any questions and if everything is going well with their car. Any suggestions? - by FocusedEdge
The most important point of the calls is to maintain a personal connection with your client and let them know that you care. The first few calls will for obvious reasons be centered around their recent purchase. With an established relationship in place however the vehicle might not come up at all. - by Houston
I think you make the call short and sweet. Hi how are you...just checking on you to be sure things are going well; you just want remind your sold client; I am here for you should a problem arise.
That is all you ever need to say and then the client will ask or add to if necessary. Then all you do is respond.


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