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Mass Emailing logistics

My brother in law in an artist. He pulled 100 email addresses from a book that lists US art galleries. He has a basic hotmail email address. He sent out 100 emails (copying and pasting in the email addresses--a couple at a time).

He received 5 responses--but they came from the first 10 email addresses sent (with nothing from the other 90). Is this a coincidence, or did something identify him as a spammer and interfere with the delivery of his messages?

Does anyone have a suggestion on an efficient way to send out to 100 email addresses without purchasing any type of broadcasting service? He does not intend to do this regularly--only this once. - by RainMaker
Unfortunately, your brother-in-law's email does sound like spam. Here's a definition I found from the CAN-SPAM act that explains what is prohibited:

"UCE is Unsolicited Commercial Email - Bulk emailing to people that have not requested your information and you do not have a business relationship with. Things like purchasing bulk email lists or sending advertisements to those who have not specifically requested them."

Perhaps your brother-in-law is better off sending them a letter in the mail. - by Terri Zwierzynski
Thanks, Terriz, you are probably right. Interestingly, he is actually looking to accumlate rejection letters--which he is somehow going to use to create a self portrait which he will title "FACING REJECTION."

I can't picture it, but he is a phenominal portrait artist, so I'm sure it will be very interesting. I'll tell him to photocopy the 5 he's got. :) - by RainMaker
That does sound interesting! Maybe he could get other artists or writers to share their rejection letters too?? - by Terri Zwierzynski
That does sound interesting! Maybe he could get other artists or writers to share their rejection letters too??
Terriz...That is a fabulous idea. Thanks. - by RainMaker
Terriz...That is a fabulous idea. Thanks.
...but wasted on the ears of a purist. He feels the irony will only be complete if it was rejection on this specific project. That's an artist, for you. - by RainMaker
Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink...:) - by Terri Zwierzynski
My Advise for your Brother in Law is do this Open a Yahoo Group and People that intrested will Join Yahoo Groups Work Very Well like that He can get people without Spamming takes a bit of work but it does work like a charm. Or he can join a big yahoo group with his art intrests. Like that can Make connections and meet people that can help him and his Pursuit. - by Sanddollar
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