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How/Why have you ended up working in the job your in?

I find it very interesting how so many people myself included, have found that they are working in jobs that they had no clue they would be involved in. Currently while I attend college I work as a painter during the summers, and I never thought I would be doing that. So what are you doing now? How did you get there? Do you enjoy your job? - by MoneyMaker
I love my job. I got here because I set the direction for myself based upon an analysis of my strengths, interests, and my strong desire I had to run my own business. - by Skip Anderson
Thats awesome Skip you seem to be everywhere on this forum and your desire is easy to notice just by spending time here.thmbp2; - by MoneyMaker
Ya know, I had two years in college and then took an opportunity as a production foreman, promoting on to production superintendent. Transferred to two different states and then got involved with a plant closing and that was it. I always had salesmen calling on me and I had said that if I ever get the opportunity, I'm going in sales. Well that door opened and I jumped at it. But then the internet came along and after several years, I decided I wanted to be an internet marketer. That door opened also. And that's where I'm at. I've always looked for opportunities and have always done well with them. Now I work for myself and I determine whether or not I close this plant! - by mcaldwell
Well, I enjoy my latest job right now. I love working with different personalities and helping them transforming their lives. In choosing our jobs, it's important that we enjoy and we love working on it. :) - by MatthewFerry
My career path makes no logical sense going forward, but a vary logical path looking back; I was a terrible student, so much so that I barely got out of high school, never mind college. I was fortunate enough though that my parents bought a "family computer" back when I was about 16 or so. This was a "Timex Sinclare" with nothing but a teeny membrane keyboard and 2k of RAM that plugged into a TV. At the time the only job I could find was selling clothes.

I used that computer day and night, then used my money to by another and another and another and so on.. Finally, I decided that I should make a career out of it, so I used my computer and a database to write a letter to every singe computer company within 50 miles of my house begging for a job - working cheap in exchange for training. It turns out the one that took me up on the deal was in my home town! I worked on a desk that was a Door on 2 sawhorses, but I learned. Thats when I was exposed to Novell, and asked to design a network connecting a major corporate Mainframe system to a PC network. This wasn't done in those days. My boss handed me the box and all 26 books and said you're installing it next month. Well, it didn't go off perfectly, but it worked. I moved into sales there and wound up unemploying myself by selling a deal too big for us to handle because we couldn't finance it.

A competitor called and asked me to work for them designing and selling networks, and I saw the writing on the wall so I jumped. I worked there for a few years selling integrated solutions (anyone remember ACT! for DOS?)

One day, a guy came in and was killing time while his kid was getting a haircut, we got to talking all about networking, midrange systems, distributed computing, blah blah.. I thought nothing more than I was just helping a guy understand technology. A few months later he called, and told me who he worked for (a BIG technology company) and said they needed someone who understood all this to help them sell midrange networked printing solutions that could also speak mainframe. I went for it.

This company also sells multi-million dollar printing equipment too. I moved up the ladder there after several years, and finally decided that we spend so much time teaching others how to succeed with this equipment, why don't *we* do it.

We took out a loan, bought a printer and went to work. Now, we're one of the largest direct mail operations in the Midwest. All because I hated school.. LOL

There is a great commencement speech by Steve Jobs of Apple Computer to the students at Stanford University.

If you read noting more than the first paragraph, you'll see how he explains that you cannot connect the dots of your life moving forward - it makes no sense at all. But in the end, if you look back, every decision you made, makes perfect sense.

Take 5 minutes and read it. It's excellent. There were times I got goosebumps. - by TommyMac5
My brother-in-law called me twelve years ago and told me about a product that might help my hurting wife, my wife who was in chronic pain.

I ordered some products and materials to look at the company.

I found the greatest company in its field in the world twelve years ago and made a life long commitment to it. Today I have an international distribution network growing weekly.

My why is residual income also called over rides, life changing products, leadership commitment, and quality purpose.

MitchM - by MitchM
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