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How to ask about buying criteria?

I take incoming buy calls which are a lot alike. The caller wants to know more information about a home they saw advertised. Almost nobody buys the home they call about so if I can learn what they want like size and price I might have something for them. I ask what they want and the answers are always too vague. What's a good way to get people to tell you their buying criteria? - by Thomas

What i discern from your message is that you are in real estate. I believe what you are wanting to accomplish on desk duty is twofold:
1. gain prospected from incoming calls
2. offer a different approach so that you turn prospects into buyers.

As a suggestion rather than ask rote questions typical of the industry be a contrarian; ask prospects what they do not want, what they do not want to spend, and where they do not want to live. Being contrary allows you to better determine what prospects want implicitly because sometimes they really do not know.

Second, you need to ask provocative questions rather then bromide diatribe often used by others. You might ask:
-Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
-What impact do you want to make on your family/friends?
-What is your return on investment?
-How will your life be improved by moving?

Bottom line you need to speak in terms of outcomes for the client, this is done by asking provocative questions. Do not focus on facts and figures this makes a prospect think, use language that offers value and more importantly emotionally incites them to move.

Try these ideas and I am certain you will see dramatic results.

Good Selling.

Drew - by Drew Stevens
The important task is to engage your phone caller. An engaged prospect on the phone is more likely to: (1) give you accurate information; (b) be willing to spend time with you; and (3) give you accurate information.

So the questions are not only important, it's how you ask those question, it's how you draw out your prospect, and how you get them comfortable quickly and efficiently.

For instance, you could say, "Absolutely, I'd love to answer your questions for you about the property." Then give one quick answer, but quickly say, "Would you mind if I asked you a few nosy questions so I can help you better?" If your personality can make that question shine, you may disarm some of your prospects.

I conclude from reading your other posts and questions, Thomas, that your challenge is getting your prospects to open up to you and to be willing to share with you. Without seeing what you do and what you say, it's hard to know exactly what you could be doing differently to achieve a better result. I wish you had an audio recording of one of your typical calls that you could share so we could see how it all plays out. - by Skip Anderson
Thank you Drew and Skip. thmbp2;

Skip yes I'd like to get more people to open up quicker. I'm very friendly on the phone and I do ok with most calls but sometimes it's like the people don't know what they want and that is very hard for me to deal with. Today a lady told me that she would know it when she saw it. I asked her if she could describe it to me so that when i was searching the database of homes for sale I'd know it when I saw it. She gave a description that was so vague it matched almost everything in the price range she wanted. :( - by Thomas
Unfortunately, the woman you describe was probably being honest. She most likely doesn't know what she wants. So instead of pressuring her to tell you what she really can't, perhaps asking about what she likes best in her present home, what would she change, why is she moving, etc. might begin to help both of you formulate what she wants. Think of small, specific questions you can ask. What does she enjoy doing most at home. If it is cooking, then the kitchen is going to be important. If she hates to cook, but loves to entertain, then a big living area would be important. Is land for a garden important to her? Does she want zero lot and little maintanence?

Instead of asking what she wants, find out more about her lifestyle. - by GerryMyers
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