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After High School

I am a senior in high school right now and am in need of some help.

I will not be attending college and plan on going straight into sales. I have sales experience in web development and vacuum cleaners.

I would like to know what kind of sales job I could enter straight out of high school?

I am looking at a career, not a sales job to pass time. I want to work on a professional level, and I realize my age being only 18 out of high school will be a huge obstacle for me.

What fields could I enter that I could make a lifelong career out of?

I would appreciate any comments. - by pacificfame
Great question! The answer depends upon several factors, not the least is what you enjoy doing and where YOU see yourself. What kind of sales do you see yourself in? How did you arrive at the conclusion that you want to go into sales? What is it about sales that's attractive to you? Why have you chosen that as your career?

Sales is a broad career...there are many diverse roles and companies under the umbrella of "sales" that range from retail sales (appliances, furniture, pianos, electronics, etc.) to account management (many b2b products and services) to independent jobs (insurance, real estate), to telemarketing, to in-home selling to prospecting, and on and on.

Although sales is definitely a field that you can do well in without a college education, I would personally encourage you to reconsider education for yourself. You can always sell while you get an education. An education will give you a broader perspective and it will be a requirement to many sales jobs.

Ifr you're absolutely set on no college, then I'd say one of your biggest challenge is to find someone to hire you at age 18 without any college and with only limited experience. So I don't want to be discouraging, but I want to be realistic.

You could go into real estate or insurance, perhaps, if you're dedicated to the long-term because it takes a while to get up to speed.

I feel like I've rambled a bit, but I hope some of these thoughts are helpful to you. Best of luck to you. - by Skip Anderson
Exceptional question. My suggestion is to seek places that say "Boy I wish I could do that" or "Gosh that would be fun". You will be working for the remainder of your life in some capacity and you need to find that which motivates you and you enjoy. Why wake up each day abhorring what you do.

Secondly, selling is the one profession that is not only life long but also life sustaining. If you master selling you will always maintain a job. Selling involves every facet of business, nothing happens in an organization without something being sold.

The best advice:
  • Seek positions that peak your interest
  • Remain open to new ideas
  • Obtain some formal sales training
  • Obtain a good coach or mentor
  • Always seek positions that improve your condition and quality of life
  • Sell with conviction.
Good Selling.

Drew - by Drew Stevens
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