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Newbie needs some help!!!

I just recently got promoted to the store event coordinator. This position involves keeping track of department sales and especifically the department push item sales. I work at a grocery store and have to keep track of the meat market, deli, bakery and the produce areas. Part of this job also includes keeping the department employees hyped and consistently working with a sales approach to everything. Problem is, none of the employees really have any sales experience and a lot of them are very shy. I have to come up with events and competitions for the departments to share goals together for selling and having a sales approach with every customer instead of...heres your food...go away.

I have some main focuses as it is for these different departments including:
Product knowledge
Suggestive selling
Everyday sales goal
Having displays for food sampling(push Items)
Basic customer service skills

So i guess the main things i need some help with is suggestions towards how to achieve these goals. I have never been in a leadership position before and have little experience training and motivating people.
I also need to come up with events that all departments can be involved in with sales goals and other sales oriented actions throughout the week.

One example that i have come up with: Mystery Event of the week... where three of the seven days of the week i will take time out of the day to track and keep progress of employees sales skills and reward the employees with best sales attitude at end of week with gift cards for every department. One winner per department of course. This seems like a good idea to me, i dont want the employees to know what im looking for, just for them to start focusing on basic sales skills and rewarding for the ones really trying.

I would love to be able to track every associates individual sales, but there is no way for me to track it, so this option is out of question...

I am open for suggestions people!!! thank you for your time!!! hope to hear from you soon! - by GasStationBoy
One suggestion is to make sure that you get "buy in" from everyone involved in the proposed sales goals. - by Slick
Thanks Slick!!! im still kinda new to a lot of the lingo, but what is buy in??? enlighten me if you will...:dun

I Really wanna learn ;bg

I appreciate your time!

My first day was awesome!!! and everyone is so cooperative with me its going to be a little easier than expected now that i feel i have everyones support at the store! - by GasStationBoy
Hi Gas Station boy

Well good for you in being proactive.

Slick I assume means that ideally have people on your side.

What might make you buzz may not do anything for your team.

First step get to know your people spend time with them. Ask them what is important to them. That way you know you are on track.

Start with building relationships first.

Keep posting how you get on

Best Wishes

SalesManagersCoach - by SalesManagersCoach
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