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Sales Competencies - Which ones are most important?

Which sales competencies are most important in your opinion? - by Marcus
Great Question!

There are two that go hand in hand. Planning and Execution.

Bob Oros of more gross profit.com says "it's imposable to consistantly apply and re-apply the basic principals of sales and fail".

However starting with a plan and executing the plan are key.
Weather you are selling products, services, tangibles or intangibles. without a set measurable goal, plan to achieve that goal, benchmarks to know when that goal is achieved, and motivation to execute the plan. Failure is inevitable.

Chris - by chrisr110465
1. The ability to follow a process; 2. The ability to add value to the prospect's situation; 3. The ability to engage the prospect.

Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
Which sales competencies are most important in your opinion?
Competency is a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour. All three are essential to be successful. For example a sales person may be skilled in selling but without product knowledge, he/she will fail.
As a sales person progresses from novice to expert, competencies will evolve from simple rule following ( hopefully ;-) ), to more intutitive behaviour. - by TonyB
Which sales competencies are most important in your opinion?
A book could be written on each of these. Here is my short list:
  • Attitude
  • Prospecting
  • Engage the prospect
  • Elicit key information
  • Sell the Vision
  • Follow-up
- by BossMan
Which sales competencies are most important in your opinion?
Let me give you a practical example. I was recently at a trade show and I paused to look at a display booth. A saleman rushed over to me and began spruiking the benefits of his product (underwater coatings for ships). As an experiment, I decided to listen to his pitch. After about 10 minutes, I couldn't take it any more. I said: "Just stop there mate. I don't even own a b****y rowboat ! "

I've had this experience repeated too many times to count. I bought a new car recently. The sales woman started a magnificent pitch about how the tilt of the rear seats could now be adjusted. Again I stopped her and pointed out that I'm long past having to ever use the rear seat.

The message is: Don't talk. Question and LISTEN. - by TonyB
A clear understanding of what it is you really sell.

A clear understanding of who your potential buyers are.

The ability to put yourself in your prospects shoes and see the offer from the prospect's point of view.

The discipline and drive to do what needs to be done.

The courage to tactfully and skillfully press your offer upon the attention of those who are indifferent or even antagonistic. - by Liberty
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