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The Top 10 Sales Myths

What would you say are the top 10 myths still making the rounds today in sales? - by Marcus
What would you say are the top 10 myths still making the rounds today in sales?
Is "cold calling doesn't work" still going around? - by Slick
I don't know what's going around so I'll put down ten things I think people might be saying.

1. Talk to enough people and you will make sales. It's a number's game. [No, talk to enough of the right people in the right way and you will make sales.]

2. Sales is hard. [No, sales is simple and easy for many people who know how to make sales.]

3. Sales is easy. [No, sales is hard and frustrating for many people who do not know how to make sales.]

4. Attitude is everything. [No, attitude is impotant but if it's not an attitude to learn the skills it takes optimistic thinking won't work by itself.]

5. People don't like to sell but they like to buy. [No, some people like to sell and some people don't like to buy.]

6. If you've sold successfully in one arena you can do it in another. [No, that may not be true. The seller of siding may not be able to sell life insurance.]

7. Anyone can learn to sell. [No, anyone cannot learn to sell. Not everyone will have either the motivation or aptitude to learn selling.

8. Selling is a gift. {No. selling is a choice. Someone may be musically gifted but not be successful in music for many reasons. The same is true of sales even when the person has natural abilities which would be perfect for sales.]

9. You are always selling. {No, you are not always selling.]

10. You have to be polished to sell. [No, you have to find people motivated to want what you sell to sell - being unpolished you can still sell to the right person.]

There are some made up - what say you?

MitchM - by MitchM
Nice list MitchM. thmbp2; - by Slick
What would you say are the top 10 myths still making the rounds today in sales?
1. Selling is simple.
2. Always be closing.
3. Asking for referrals works better than earning referrals.
4. The sale begins when the prospect says no.
5. Never ask a "yes or no" question.
6. Learn your rebuttals.
7. People only buy from people they like.
8. Selling is a science.
9. Skills and techniques mean the same thing.
10. A list of ten is sufficient to list myths about selling. - by Ace Coldiron
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