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How to beware PayPal?

Our company is a export company, our customers use PayPal ,WU and HSBC to payment,but sometimes we found that some people took back their payment,it made us loss much money and we have communication with them,but it is no effect.
Could you give me some suggestion?
Thanks! - by jingwen
How much money are you talking about? Wire transfers are as good as cash. - by Slick
I never got such an issue with Paypal. I dont this once you made your payment you can get it back. I think you better contact paypal for this because if such issues are happening in paypal noone will use paypal ever. - by Team Building FL
I think what's happening is the customers are transferring money to Paypal. Paypal automatically puts a hold on credit cards and bank transfers for a few days to make sure they go through.

Are you sure you are waiting till the funds clear before you ship anything? They can use a card that is maxed and it won't show that it hasn't gone through for a few days, or they can cancel before the paypal hold time is over. You must wait till the funds are cleared and in your account. - by Thufir
If you are using PayPal, and are an export company, you should be getting "sellers protection" by the fact that you should have shipping records and verification that they recieved your goods.

Otherwise, only accept "wire transfers" on large orders...period. - by KellyGerards
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