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help required for presentation

Hi all,

I know this is probably not the right place to ask but you all seem a knowledgeable lot so I thought I'd ask here anyway.

I have a 10 minute presentation on wednesday on 'the future of advertising'. It's for post grad studies and I don't really have much knowledge about advertising to begin with.

Anyway, I'm hoping for some guidance with regards to its structure and main discussion points.

I was thinking about opening by talking about the history of advertising, specifically how in the mid to late 1900's it was the premier form of marketing, and how and why it has steadily declined over the years and what is in store for the future.

If anyone has any ideas or advice for a killer presentation, and what specifically about advertising I should talk about that would be cool.

I've not a presentation in years.thmbdn2;

Cheers - by sales_ace
Hi Ace,

That should be fairly easy ... focus on the growth of the web ... its gone from nothing to a major force in that period.


Tony - by TonyB

Meaning no offense whatsoever, I suggest you opt out of this in the interest of the audience.

Or, if you can't, facilitate a discussion whereby you try to get the answer from the audience, by asking them a series of pre-planned questions, and not attempting to answer them. If you do a good job, you'll be surprised at the great feedback you receive for your session.

All the best,

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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