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Good Day,
I'm Just a "Rag-man" I'm told this Is not a complicated industry. However I'm faced daily with multiple complications.

I've Managed people before, Directed Restaurants full of them. Now I find myself managing 5 Rout-men responsible for increasing sales as well as loading and unloading their truck, delivering and picking up product, increasing sales.

I ask myself daily "what's the next step" some days I answer myself and others I haven't got a clue!

The company I work for is great at providing training in technical aspects of the industry however falls short in Management and leadership. I pride myself on "self teaching" If I don't know something I'll find a way to learn it, read a book ask questions of peers and friends, search the web (that's how I became a Sales Practice.com junkie)

I need another District Manager out there to Give me some advice. Thanks Team! - by chrisr110465
That's exactly what this world needs...more SalesPractice junkies! Welcome! - by Skip Anderson
"However I'm faced daily with multiple complications." -- chris

What are they and how do they complicate your life?

MitchM - by MitchM
Thanks for the reply,
I think the complications are with me wrapping my head around learning a different management style. Directing and holding accountable commissioned Route Sales Reps.

I've got a great "buy in" for our districts plan however I think my own passion and exuberance for sales and succeeding has overwhelmed my guys.

I think I scared them when I talked about a "mental switch", sales calls have been resigned to something done between stops "if there's time" to stops are what we do between sales calls.

I've done a good job at communicating information ie. teaching goal setting and how to build a sales plan to track progress, however I've never had to communicate "emotion" before. Effectively getting a "passionate" buy in.

Chris - by chrisr110465
It looks like one choice is between wading in the water or jumping in and making a big splash - what do ya say?

There's a lot of emotional attachment to what I do - eliminating it from anything resembling forcing a sale or getting prospects excited is a challenge as is retaining emotional passion in the proper context.

I deal with that.

MitchM - by MitchM
It looks like one choice is between wading in the water or jumping in and making a big splash - what do ya say?MitchM
I say Jump in ...Make a splash...Get out of the box and DO what no one else is doing, to achive results no one else is achiving!

I took a new aproach this week. I've been having 30 min. sales training sessions every Thursday afternoon with my team. (I know 30 min is not that much time however the dynamic of what they have to accomplish on the 2 days a week we can all be at the same place at the same time it will have to do.)

This past Thursday I called them to the conference room, shook each of their hands and thanked them for their efforts and hard work. I skipped this week of training, re-enforced the commitment to our plan and simply Thanked them.

I've been pushing them pretty hard the last 4 weeks. Their previous District Manager had a much different approach. Not better or worse just different. in fact he hired me, I took this current position because of him. As I've stated previously the company does not have a "sales training" program in place for the Route Sales Reps. The training I'm developing is not only "new" to the Routmen but new to the company.

Thanks Mitch for your comments and inspiration!
Chris - by chrisr110465
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