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The Best companies to Sell For?

I am a sophmore in college looking to start a career in sales what are a few of the best businesses to sell for i.e training, pay, etc. - by MoneyMaker
Which industries are you considering MoneyMaker? - by Jolly Roger
That I am not sure, what are some good options. - by MoneyMaker
That I am not sure, what are some good options.
My suggestion is to look for industries with the biggest profit margins and the biggest single sale values. For example white goods has low margins and low value. Some (not all) software sales can have high profit and high value. You may also have greater success in leading edge companies (rather than bleeding edge). - by TonyB
Look at the direct selling business also called network marketing and multi level marketing. Most people meaning 95% start a business in a company like this to make a few bucks -- many have extremely distorted notions of getting rich quick doing little to nothing.

BUT those who start a business with an outstanding company and learn how to build a distribution network which takes skill, discipline, and effort otherwise known as WORK can earn a five, six, and in some cases seven figure income.

The real draw to this business system is having the ability to build a business that will produce long term residual income aka royalties aka over rides - ongoing commissions.

Just as you consider other selling opportunities looking closly at one, discarding another, do the same with what I'm suggesting you do.

Network marketing in a great company will offer autonomy - freedom - as well as a portable and international opportunity, and no glass ceiling regardless of gender or past experience.

Whatever you find fits you - and you may have to get into a couple of businesses in selling along the way - commit to life long learning and become a student of whatever you do.

I wish you the best.

MitchM - by MitchM
Look at the direct selling business also called network marketing and multi level marketing.
Also called "pyramid selling" !? No, that's supposed to be illegal here ...

Great if you happen to be at the top of the pyramid ... for the majority it's a great way to waste time. - by TonyB
For the greatr majority selling anything is a great waste of time - they dream of six and seven figures and mostly make a middle five if that - that's true for network marketing as well as any kind of sales.

Your posted understanding is really not a clue of how the best of the best in network marketing works.

Get educated.

MitchM - by MitchM
For the greatr majority selling anything is a great waste of time -
Selling is only a waste of time for sales people who don't learn professional selling skills. Sales skills are just as important as skills in other professions.

Professional sales people will avoid "get rich quick" pyramid selling schemes. - by TonyB
Many people are going to talk down to a sophomore but I won't - you don't have to be foolish in looking at things in sales. A pyramid scheme is not a direct selling/network marketing business. Hundreds of direct selling/network marketing companies supply billions of dollars worth of products internationally.

You don't know the difference.

I have a young friend thirty-four who was duped into believing she would be earning $250,000 yearly in a couple of years with a drug company only to find out when her year was ending that she had been used to temporarly fill a gap.

Every industry had crooks.

MitchM - by MitchM
Promoters of pyramid selling schemes have learnt to disguise them as "network marketing" and other terms, to avoid the law. Such schemes are illegal in many countries because the naive are so easily conned by the wild promises of promoters.

Promoters such as Mitch suggest unbelievable "7 figure" incomes ... that is $1,000,000 to $9,999,999 ... simply by selling soap, or whatever the scam of the month happens to be. It makes you wonder why anyone would bother going to university when there are so many millions of dollars just waiting to be picked up.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Recently, the highest paid professional selling area was allegedly, life insurance/superannuation. However, from what I have seen in my 30 years in sales, the best way to high earnings, in whatever area of sales you choose, is to master professional sales skills.

There are many courses avail