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Your best sale

I question that I'd asked in the past when interviewing sales people, was "What was your best sale?". I don't mean the biggest. What I mean is, on what sale(s) did you use what you consider the best application of your sales skills ?

I found that a great many sales people are simply "order takers" and don't have any good sales stories.

Are there any good stories out there ? - by TonyB
I haven't had a "best" sales yet but I would love to read what others have done. Do you have a "best" sale TonyB? - by realtor
I haven't had a "best" sales yet but I would love to read what others have done. Do you have a "best" sale TonyB?
I've had a few good ones ... for example:

Industry: Manufacturing. Private company.
Value (today's $) : $1,500,000
Item: CAD-CAM hardware and software plus job estimating software tailoring

The sale: I'd spent weeks dealing with a consultant who was responsible for the tender. He would not tell me who the client was. It was obvious to me that he was just going through the motions and would recommend the vendor with whom he was "in bed". That is, it was impossible for me to "cover the bases".

Decision day came and I called the consultant early. As expected he said that we were not selected. I said "by the way, who was it anyway ?". He let the name slip ... then caught himself and told me he didn't want me to speak to them. I hung up and quickly found the name of the client president/owner. I called him. His secretary answered. As good secretaries do, she started her filtering patter of questions ... I said that it was a personal call and needed to speak to him urgently. He answered.

24 hours later I had the order ... (exhausted !)

I strongly believe in telling the truth but I was sure we had the best solution and it had not been communicated to the client. After the sale, I apologised to the president for the approach that I had used. He said to me that there was no problem. He said that when my call came through he literally had his pen in his hand and was about to sign a contract with IBM. If I had not acted as I had done, he would not have had the best solution.

In terms of ethics, this might be viewed as Utilitarianism. It is an outcome that benefits all that is important, not the process. - by TonyB
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