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What Are The Rules ?

Ok, I'm now a full time self admitted SalesPractice.com Junkie!

I log on to This site more often than my e-mail.

I'm working on a project to assist in the training of my team.
If you had to compile a set of 10 "RULES" of sales what should be considered.

I'm starting with #1. People Buy From Who they like.
#2 Do What You Say Your Going To Do.

Now it's opinion time......
What do you think? - by chrisr110465
#1 Believe in your Industry, Company (and its Product/Service) and Yourself.

#2 See the People... sales is a "contact" sport.

#3 Spend your time wisely (See #2). - by Marcus

Thank you! - by chrisr110465
Respond! - by Craigmax
- Engage your prospect.
- Listen more than you talk.
- Ask for what you want.
- Add value to your prospect's life. - by Skip Anderson
I would like to thank all of you for your input!
I've compiled what I think is a decent list. I've attempted to cover all the major topics added from all of you.

this is a work in progress and I would like your opinion as to the weight put on each "rule"
  • People buy from who they like
    • People like those who are like them
  • Do what you say you are going to do
    • Integrity counts
  • Know your product
    • How will what you have to sell improve your prospects business, life, profitability etc.
  • Listen more than you talk
    • Displaying genuine concern for what your prospect has to say will demonstrate compassion
  • Ask questions engage your prospect.
    • Yes and No are the wrong answers. Ask questions that will provoke thought and desire for your product
  • Plan your work and work your plan.
    • Spend your time wisely, I know of very few sales people who accidentally made a sale.
  • Add value to your prospects life
    • If what you are selling has no value to who ever is buying it is not worth whatever investment they have to make to purchase it.
  • Ask for the sale
    • Your prospect knows you are there to sell them something. Don’t build their expectation to wards an inevitable conclusion by not ASKING them for the sale, give them what they expect.
- by chrisr110465
I like your list. One comment, though:

Everything on your list is a tactic; except #1, which is a statement. What about changing #1 to "Be Likable"? - by Skip Anderson
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