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My Appointment calling script.

This is my Appointment calling script I use. I have never had a problem getting past the gate keeper to the decision maker using this. I just wanted to see what you all thought of this . Hopefully people will find my post helpfull . Please feel free to critique anything. It's always good to hear others points of view.

What to say to the Gatekeeper Script:

I was wondering if you could help me out with some information please? ( wait for response )

Are you the person I would talk to about your ( add product here ) ?
( If they say Yes. Ask for there name and move onto the appointment script... If NO go to next step )

Next step:

Great... Is ( Decision makers name ) Available?

I rarely and mean rarely have an issue getting to the decision maker using that opening.

Decision Maker Script:

Hi ( Decision Makers Name ) my name is ___________. I'm calling from ( My Company Name ) here in Las Vegas. We are a 23 year old insurance broker that helps companies reduce the costs of their employee benefits and workers compensation rates. The reason I’m calling you today specifically is so I can stop by and tell you about our new supplemental health products and how they can reduce out of pocket costs associated with your current health plan while giving you added protection.
I’m sure that you like (A Company's Name You do business with) are interested in having better protection ? ( Wait for response )
That's Great !!!! We should get together!!!
Hows ( Day ) at ( Time ) ?

Hope this helps you all !!!!!

Richard S. - by smurge
I rarely cold calling anymore but you might check out this classic cold calling script for ideas. Who knows, you may see something that makes all the difference for you. - by klaughta
I set 1 appointment for every 5 Decision Makers I talk to. Because my servics are so valuable to them I have a high rate of return when getting appointments. However you should be able to get 1 appointment out of 10 calls. - by smurge

Did you post to in some way suggest you are an expert telephone prospector and that we should follow your script or something similar - or do you really want to improve results using some long proven skills and constructive criticism?

I leave you with that question but will say two more things; (1) according to the top telephone prospecting expert in the world, getting to the ultimate decision maker is a real skill that requires quite a bit more advice than what you provided, and; (2) in my opinion, once you get the decision maker on the phone, your final script is not bad. And, with one minor change in your process and wording - that will make a major impact - it would be considered by a top pro to be excellent.

I can draw on 57 years of experience with any suggestion I make (or 25 of my own), that coming from the man literally who invented telephone prospecting. Though I certainly do not need to! - by Gold Calling
Well let me answer your questions in the order they were asked.

I am not an expert. However, I have learned from several other experts and wish to share some things that have " worked for me" and them.

Do I want to improve my results? Ummmmm Who would'nt? I love constructive criticism. If I learn just one thing from someone or something I didn't know before, I'm that much better.

Now to the second paragraph of your statement.

1. Im glad the top telephone prospector in the world seems to think it takes a whole lot more to get to the true decision maker.
But this is something that has worked for me and several others I have learned from. I am by no means saying this will work for everyone...but it truly works from me and I have never had an issue getting to the people needed to make the decision.

One thing I have learned about sales is ...No matter how good you are, there is always someone better then you out there.

Also I would love to know how my script can be improved. Like I said I'm no expert and would love any information you could proivde,.
Thank you for taking the time to review the script and respond to it. I know your time is valueable, as is mine and it is much appreciated. - by smurge
What I stated was as follows;


... (1) according to the top telephone prospecting expert in the world, getting to the ultimate decision maker is a real skill that requires quite a bit more advice than what you provided, .
What you replied makes me think there is possibly a misunderstanding, which I may have inadvertently caused and will go ahead and apologize for. You see, I know that you, like everyone else … well, you are very busy and posting on a forum is naturally not your top priority. It is highly likely you over simplified your script due to time constraints or other pressures or even posting late at night when tired - not sure but I did not say or infer the following;

... the top telephone prospector in the world seems to think it takes a whole lot more to get to the true decision maker.
My statement was not a reference to the level of difficulty - it is (hopefully) indicative of your script either missing various steps or ... well? As you will see, this has made me think that you posted a sort of simplified version of what normally happens.

I find it somewhat confusing, perhaps even alarming, that after first asking for the DECISION MAKER (DM), then having the phone call intercepted by someone you did not ask for that we all generally refer to as the Gate Keeper (GK) or - described another way - the person who stops you from getting to the DM, that you would ask the GK if they are the DM ... !?!

If you handled steps prior to the connection to the GK correctly, you are already almost certain that they are not the DM, right?

Look, the GK exists to stop the DM from getting calls, that is their primary objective when you and other sales people call, PERIOD. They do not make decisions … sure, in big companies you can use the Personal Assistant to find the DM and save time - that is why we always ask for the CEO/President on all introductory calls when selling anything significant, just to get above middle management, but in mid sized companies or legal firms this is almost never the case. It is the owner or managing partner or President that usually makes this decision. Correct?

In my company no one else could decide to change an employee benefits program without my involvement and surveys/research have proven that almost every small company is the same. I am scratching my head here … !

Maybe you call small businesses, I am not sure, that would explain the simplification to some degree. But getting beyond the GK is what the drill is all about. We know the GK does not make decisions, which is why they are called the GK … they stand at the GATE and block your way, literally.

Are we having two conversations here? Anyway …

Your script with the decision maker is good except for the requirement for two minor but very important changes – then it would be excellent.

I uploaded a huge post in another thread about the reason for one of the changes … so I will link you to that later when I have more time, as well as mention what the two badly needed changes are (providing reasoning as well as the script).

By the way, the best in the world accomplishes one in three successful appointments per conversations with the ultimate decision maker (this is based on a volume of calls by and individual who now does nothing else). My odds are just over one in three, though I often explain my results as “between one in three and one in four” … the benefits from the change in what you are doing to what you are capable of accomplishing is dramatic.

Think of what you earn and what status you will achieve within your organization if can improve your results by 20% (the difference between 1 in 5 and 1 in 4) or 40% (the difference between 1 in 5 and 1 in 3) or even 33% (one appointment for every 3.3 connections with DM’s) but then multiply that by the increase you also would benefit from IF you get past a higher percentage of GK’s … !!!

It is clear that when we are screened, that most sales people do not make it past the GK and therefore miss many opportunities for quality sales appointments with highly qualified buyers that are also not sitting with the competition. However (and this advice is to any reader), in very few cases will you have spent your time well if you are speaking with middle management, let alone a GK, who though powerful in a certain way within big companies just because they work for the CEO, President or the EXEC V.P., is not even a middle manager!

Have no doubt, you can significantly improve your results, both in getting past the GK and with conversion of suspected prospects into qualified prospects (appointments). - by Gold Calling
Im in the business of insurance. I sell health,life,dental,vision,workers compensation and voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits are Hospital Indemnity plans, cancer plans, Accidental death and dismembermant plans along with some other ones. - by smurge
This is in response to GoldCalling.

Let me clarify a few things on my end so people have an understanding of my thought process.

Yes my script is very simplistic. That's what works for me. People in general tend to over complicate things more than needed. Im sure we can all agree on that.

Your scratching your head wondering how it can work.. Allow me to demonstrate with your company. Let's say I call your business. This is exactly how it would go.

Phone rings and someone picks up:
ME: " Hi I was wondering if you could help me out with some information"

( At this point i wait for a response...Like)

GK: " Sure, what can I do for you"
Me" " Well, Are you the person who handles the employee benefits for your company?"

( 1 of 2 scenarios are going to happen ...here they are )

Scenario 1:

GK: " No .. that's GOld Calling"
Me: " Ohh Great is Gold Calling Available "

( Now..... GK person will either say.. No hes out on appointments, in meetings, blah blah blah....... Or sure hold on one second )

Scenario 2:

Gk: " Well, I handle the employee benefits, who is this calling?"
Me: ' Oh wonderful your name is ?
DM: " Gold Calling"
Me: " Great, Gold calling my name is RIchard S. Im with ( then i go into my script ).

I also call straight from a "PhoneBook". When im calling these potential clients I have no idea who the "DM" is. So when the person on the other side of the phone picks up.."They may be the DM". So to not insult the person I ask them "Are you the person who handles the employee beenfits for the company".
This accomplishes several things . First if the "GK" picks up I am making them feel that their job is more important than answering the Phone and screening calls( People like to feel important ) . Second, If it is the "DM" that picks up I wont insult him by saying..." Put the "DM" on the phone this is blah blah blah I need to speak to him now...."

I can honestly say this is how I make my calls. If you or anyone have anything to add to my script please do. I would love to try anything that would take me from 1-5 ratio to 1-3. That would be great. - by smurge
I have to disagree with you kras. Your product does sparkle and glisten. What do I mean by that you ask? Well your services are very important.
You keep things from getting in my house, on my clothes, in my bed. You stop cratures from attacking children while they sleep at night. You keep my pets safe by using animal friendly chemicals. You have a very valuable service. You provide a service that offers protection and piece of mind.

One thing you should never do is Undervalue your services. Your services are just as important as mine of the next persons.

Also... I hate wind scorpions, black widows, brown recluses and so forth... all which frequent the desert out here. - by smurge
So you mostly call small companies smurge? - by Gold Calling
No. I call any company that is listed in the phone book. Of course I get small, medium and large corporations im calling from the phone book.

Here are a few clients that are big just fyi:

Dryers Ice Cream- nevada distribution.
The ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union )
A few midsized casinos- ( Sorry I can't release their names do to confidentiality agreements. )

and several more. - by smurge
So what are are the minor changes to his script you keep talking about? Please spell them out, not just to help Smurge, but to keep us from scratching OUR heads.

Off hand, I would make one change. Eliminate the word "Great..!" just because someone tells you his/her name. It sounds insincere. Smurge, congrats on your results. It shows you work at it. - by Ace Coldiron
I wrote a reply and thought I posted it, don't see it here.

Have to dig it up - I am very busy so it make take a few days. - by Gold Calling
I believe this part can be improved:
"I’m sure that you like (A Company's Name You do business with) are interested in having better protection ? ( Wait for response )"

You are assuming here and you are asking question that both you and the person on the other side of the line know the answer. It sounds a little cheesy to me and it falls into the same group of questions that every telemarketer is using - "I am sure you would like to make more money and/or save money".

How about this - ask the question that will be info gathering question,: "What are you doing at the moment regarding the protection of ____? "
If they answer it, go for the appointment, if they try to avoid the question you can say something like this:
"I am asking because 3 of 5 companies such as yours (or 45% of companies in your area...) are using us to protect their ____, and I have few ideas that I would like to show you how you can have the same benefits...."
And now go for the appointment.

If you invite the person in the conversation, you have more chances to get the appointment. If you assume without qualifying, or talk about you, you will have less chances to get your foot into the door.

The key is to start the dialog with your prospects and also to qualify them before you meet them in person.
- by AlenMajer
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