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Doorstep Sales Documentary for Channel 4

Hi, my name is Luke Sewell, I am a director working for Blast Films trying to put together a warm and fun Channel 4 documentary about door to door salesmen/women.

I am keen to hear from anyone involved in the business in the UK. Do you run a business and use door to door canvassing? Are you out on the street everyday knocking on doors and demonstrating products in people's homes? Ideally I am looking for 3 sales people to follow as they try to sell face to face to people on their doorsteps.

I should add that anyone getting in touch is under no obligation to be involved with the filming, at this stage any information would be a help.

Please call Luke on 07809123021 if you are interested or can help. - by lukesewell

Perhaps you might like to have an expert as a consultant?

I ask this because you could follow quote a few more than three sales people door to door and only learn what does not work. Now, if yours is really reality TV type of project that might suit you. On the other hand, if you wish to pass along more than just humour - like what actually works, then you are going to need some expert advice (either that or you must be a sales professional yourself!).

I spent two years knocking doors, meaning going home to home selling a service I provided. And, as I am a sales trainer for 30 years, with massive expereince in every level of sales, I can assure you I am capable of helping out.

I also know a VERY GOOD candidate in the U.K. and I was born there, though I am now a Canadian citizen. Send me an email, I would be pleased to help you out on this project, especially if you intend to put sales in a good light (while exposing some of the humorous moments).
- by Gold Calling
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