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Is viral marketing legitimate?

There is lots of talk about viral marketing. But can we go beyond viral marketing? The truth is yes we can. In fact all we have to do is re-incorporate our offline marketing as part of our viral marketing plan. Many people who discover the internet fall so much in love with it because it's easy to hide and not have to deal with rejection so much. What that does is leave a wide open opportunity for those folks who understand the benefits of working offline and online simultaneously.

Have you discovered the power of going beyond viral marketing? I hope you have because it is what the pros do. Pros understand people and wherever they are able to connect with people that is where you'll find them.

Online and offline marketing is beyond approach. Here are a keys you might want to incorporate in your marketing plan. Remember these are things you can do online and offline.
1. Network Meetings
2. Niche Marketing
3. Loyal Customers Marketing
4. Prospect Marketing
5. Suspect Marketing

Go for it and see what happens in your business. Just imagine the number of angles you will be approached regarding your business. What's better, 1 or 5 or 6? I'll take 5 or 6 everyday.

Ced Reynolds
- by cederey
What kind of viral marketing are you writing about? :dun - by Houston
What kind of viral marketing are you writing about? :dun
Basically internet marketing accompanied with search engine optimization. - by cederey
Not to disagree, but SEO is affected by viral marketing, which is a form of internet marketing. Done properly, it's not something you should have to maintain, IMHO. Essentially, true viral marketing is simply word of mouth, referral business for the 21st century.

Used to be that people would get on the phone and tell a few friends/family members about a positive experience. Today, people are regularly telling the entire world their experience. Depending on how much of the world is listening to these people talking about your offering, the more opportunities there are for the message to spread virally.

There is absolutely a need to keep tabs on how the message is mutating (like an actual virus) as it's spreading across the web, but, by it's very nature, once the viral message is out there, it's beyond your control. The key is presenting value to which people will be almost universally attracted; that they will feel is important to share with others. You try to keep up with the message as it mutates across the web so as to be best prepared to service whatever leads result from anywhere along the time line.

In the end, viral marketing will definitely help SEO through an increase in relevant inbound links and traffic, but I can't agree with "internet marketing and SEO" being viral marketing, here. Viral marketing is often something you can only attempt. It's a message that is deemed important (or delivers extraordinary entertainment value) to people of all stripes, driving them to spread the word themselves. There really isn't any control over it once it's spreading. Hang on and (hopefully) enjoy the ride! - by D.M055
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