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The Right Attitude

Having the right attitude is always the number one key to success.

The right attitude will take work serioiusly. The right attitude will be skill oriented. The right attitude will seek success. The right attitude will be constantly looking for opportunity. The right attitude will be self protective and alert to potential problems. The right attitude will be cultivated daily.

Years ago I found a drawing in sequence of an event on the ledge of a very high mountain top where monks came to meditate and find enlightenment. The guru or inspired monk had a stern look on his face in the first panel with serious looking monks all around.

In the next few panels monks swept steps, meditated, washed the dishes.

Then came disaster as the ledge of the mountain top was breaking off. Monks had looks of horror and awe on their faces. They were falling to their deaths. They were in mortal pain. Their mouths were open in howls and screams and speechlessness born of the sudden realization that it was all over - their lives were ending.

On the second to the last panel monks were falling into the abys with looks of horror on their faces.

Then came the final panel. Plunging to his demise was the guru, the inspired enlightened one with a look of absolute joy on his face as he reached out and at the tip of his fingers growing out of the side of the mountain was a berry bush.

On the way out of earthly life he was still looking for opportunity, still seeking pleasure, still focused on the gain of the moment.

He had the right attitude.

MitchM - by MitchM