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What do you think of the Ebay Advertisment

What Im reffering to here is the New Ebay Space Adverisment Auctions that people will Advertise u on there items Faces Babys Cars its been on the news and its been every where so a lot of you must of heared about it. Has any one used it bought adverisment from some one to advertise you on there body or items they carrey around? and if you did was it Progressive as in did it get you customers. Like some one called said Hi ive seen you Adverisment on this man or women? - by Sanddollar
OK. This is funny. I personally would not choose to advertise this way, but I just gotta love the creative out-of-box-ness of his idea! He's planning to use the money to help pay for college. I hope he's going into advertising--he's a natural. - by RainMaker
If you could get your ad on the body of some high profile person it might work. I don't think any high profile people will be jumping to put an ad on their body though. :rolleyes: - by Agent Smith
What, do I have a sign on my forehead that says, "Buy Me"? :p - by bridger480
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