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approaching solicitors

hi, i m a personal trainers,as i ve said before, it was suggested to me, to perhaps give a letter in to a few solicitors, inviting them for a few free sessions in an attempt of gaining some clientelle.
as i said i m a trainer,so when someone buys from me, its going to be multiple sessions for a 600 (ten sessions)
big investment.
i already know i m good, though my sales speach isnt teh best just yet. i m going to resort to being the friend and approachable, i think gitomer said something about that.

anyway, as for the letter, do you think its a good idea, for me in my business, i tihnk it is, it may do no harm, at the same time, how should i word it, i know it should be formal, should i make it an invitation or should i make it sound like an offer.
i think an invite is best.
the page is nice paper, with a little sectino at the bottom for them to cut out the voucher at the bottom saying 2 free conultations, and i ll sign it.
and words?
suggestions wouldbe much appreciated,
many thanks. - by niallcore
this is what i ve written so far
i am hoping i dont make a fool of my self just yet.
i was thinking of sending the letters via UPS also, as i know then they will get them.

My name is Niall Curran, and I am an exercise & nutrition cork, recently begun operating in the Cork City Centre. I am currently making use of the Locker Room on Washington street, which is a private gym facility which I have a working relationship with.
Being new to the city, I would like to invite you for a number of free sessions, which you can take at your own convenience. I look very much to hearing from you very soon.

Niall Curran PT PICP
Exercise & Nutrition Coach
086 335 7839
www.n-fitpt.com - by niallcore
Personally, I am not a fan of offering complimentary services in hopes that someone is willing to sign up or refer you. I recommend you target business people who have clientele that is your ideal prospect for personal training -- hair stylists, nutritionists, personal coaches, counselors, massage therapists, estheticians, wedding planners, and attempt to set up a strategic alliances with them. - by Connie Kadansky
i understand what you mean.
my reason for going through the solicitors,accountants etc is that they would be the clientelle that can afford large amounts of regular training. this strategy has worked for collegues of mine.
i aim to meet with some other business people aswell, though at times its a balance between subtle and not too subtle. - by niallcore
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