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Nifty Business Idea - The Thank-You Note

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made you write a thank you note to Aunt Helen for that awful gift?

The memory of the pain may keep some business people from writing thank you notes today. Thank You's are a powerful business tool. They make people feel better.

While it is generally expected to send a written thank-you for gifts and special favors, it is also appropriate to send one for employment interviews and new business contacts.

You can send thank you notes for almost any occasion calling for an express of gratitude, even after a round of golf with a potential customer. Even if the reason is thin or far fetched, the impression of a thank you note still works.

However, the most powerful thank-you note is the one that's unexpected. - by BIG Mike
This kind of communication seems to get overlooked. Do you think it is because salespeople perceive that there is no immediate benefit? - by Mikey
Another idea...I have all my clients on Google News and I am updated weekly on news that is happening in their business. I will briefly scan through and if find something interesting that may be new or different. I print it off add a quick hand written note and mail it to them. They love it.

MP - by MPrince

That is an excellent observation. From what I have noticed, most sales people do not send "thank you" notes because there is no immediate gratification, unless you are a sales professional that has some type of residual commission.

However, the more "thank you's" you give out, the more sales you will get. Those "thank you's" will turn into referral's. - by Jumpman
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