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Good Targetted Traffic But Zero Sales

i am glad i found this great community. I have been having problems with one of my affiliate sales since a week. We run a PPC campaign and are getting good traffic from buyers interested in the product. The product is in the bodybuilding niche. But we are facing the problem of zero conversions whereas our advertising costs are the same. I was thinking of putting a low priced trial offer which we have access to. Would this be right? We have done our research and have found the sales of our affiliate is average as of now. We have been continously sending targetted traffic to our affiliate landing page but it isnt converting. We are 100 % sure that the advertising network between us and our affiliate is honest, no doubt about that.
Can anyone help me out with identifying the problem here and with possible solutions?
Thanx for reading,
Best Regards,
Farhan. - by Farhan

Without seeing your landing page I can only guess but the first thing that comes to mind is that it needs work. You could have several problems:

- Your value proposition is not clearly evident
- Your offer isn't strong enough
- The risk is too high (not enough perceived value)
- Your sales copy is not compelling
- Your call to action is weak

Please post the link to the landing page and perhaps we can give you additional insights.

Kelley - by Kelley Robertson
Kelley summed it up very well. I would only make a minor adjustment in the order. In all likelihood the problem is the last two items Kelley identified, bad copy and weak call to action, since these are usually the two weakest elements in most web sites.

Post a link to the sales page and you'll get some specific suggestions. - by The Sales Artist
It could be a number of things. In addition to what was mentioned, here are a few ideas:

1. Definitely have some sort of trial or demo offering.
2. Create a niche. You're in an extremely competitive market and you need to help people understand how you're different (in about 3 seconds). Do you cater to women? Beginners? Hard core trainers?
4. Make sure you have a bold call to action toward the top of the page.
5. Use bullet points to outline the key benefits and value proposition. Also put this above the fold (so they don't have to scroll down).
6. Look for an words that create anxiety, friction, or disbelief. Remove any mention of payment, credit card symbols, etc from the home page.
7. Create separate landing pages for each ad and then tailor the copy.

I'm working on a similar issue with my site. I have been working with a good SEO company. You can see what they did if you like: www.BuzzBuilderPro.com - by Jake Atwood
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