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Dream no small dreams, for they have no value!

Dream no small dreams, for they have no value! ~ Goethe

Why would you dream of sales coaching? I mean, unless you charge more than you are worth, it pays not much better than sales.

The sales training industry is tough indeed.

You could self publish and use print-on-demand services to launch a book through Amazon but that book has to get traction to be noticed and sell. If you have a huge following in a blog this would be good, if not, you ain't going to generate it here!

You could promote yourself and get on a magazine cover, that will get you noticed. It worked for me (Home Business Journal, Feb. '04).

Or you can take a very good paying sales job and then really cash in on your sales mentoring skills in a way you never dreamed of.

The easy way or the tough way ... hmmm, which way should I choose?

A man I admire that took a company to the New York Stock Exchange (listed/went public) recorded a great training that applies. He suggested the smart people keep their jobs and start a home based business. Yes, that fits sales training. But the next piece of advice is straight out of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's Best Selling book; "Why we want you to be rich!"

These men suggested that you could leverage your time.

In sales training that is having a class of people instead of one, right? Or recording an audio ... again training many people with the same amount of time involvement.

But it negates the value of one-on-one that sales coaches know is the most beneficial part of what they do - of how they do what they do.

So, on one side is the lure of great pay ... on the other is the relatively low paying answer that is more effective. What if there was a best of both worlds scenario?

Now, stay with this if you will ... I am going to introduce you to something in a way that you are unlikely to ever have heard being put this way.

Do you want to hear how you can still be just as effective as one-on-one but still leverage your time as if you had one of the most effective sales books or recordings in history.

Ready to bite???

Big time pay and still the satisfaction like one-on-one coaching. What would Donald Trump suggest that you don't know about? What would Robert Kiyosaki recommend (other than real estate) that you have overlooked?

In the words of the Terminator; "Ill be back!"

Any thoughts while I am unable to complete this post?
If you want to get it, you have to dream big. - by Gold Calling
SPAM Alert! hpy3; - by Seth
I certainly hope that is a joke Seth.

After posting on this forum like 500 times, and perhaps being attributed to more words on sales than any one here, this is odd, to say the least. - by Gold Calling
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