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Who's Runnin' This Place?

At a breakfast meeting this morning the discussion turned to sales people in department stores and how not many work on commission anymore.

If so, what incentive do they have to sell me a new suit? They still get theirs even if I don't get mine.

Reminds me of the old adage "Nothing improves a business like the owner's footprints" - by BIG Mike
Does there need to be an incentive? - by Houston
Does there need to be an incentive?

lol I think there does. - by Mr. Mike
Need? No.

Helpful to every party involved? Yes. - by Grinder
Incentives are effective is driving performance but also create its own can of worms....making it pretty hard to manage if you have a large team.

If you have a small shop, I still believe that incentives create moe good than bad. What I have found effective is a team plus individual incentive. - by alexhar
with incentives you must have ethics. - by rich34232
Good Day!

I remember when I first got out of college I bought my suits at Dillard's. I met a sales person who did a great job and recorded my name, address and phone number. For the next year I got phone calls and post cards informing me of sales and asking me if I wanted him to hold back certain suits.

Those days are long gone and I no longer feel the sales guys at the stores really care. I am pretty sure the guy that called me got paid commission or spiffs. I doubt if the guys that do it now get anything.

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
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