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We don't Need No Stinkin' Script!

Memorizing all the closes is not the way to sell. If you truly have the best interest of the customer in mind and you work to solve the customer's problem, you can close sale after sale without taking a memory course.

Ol' Zig says it best; "If you help enough people get what they want, you'll get what you want!"

Remember, It's all about them. - by BIG Mike
Memorizing all the closes is not the way to sell. If you truly have the best interest of the customer in mind and you work to solve the customer's problem, you can close sale after sale without taking a memory course.
I will agree that a salesperson doesn't need to know all the closes but I would say that having a few workhorse scripts in the bag isn't a bad idea either. msnwnk; - by Houston
Well "Big Mike" this is "Big Mac" and I couldn't agree with you more. I've been in some type of sales most of my life and I never used any of these so called closing techniques and I always made above average money. As you say, you find their problem or need, and offer a solution! Always seemed kind of simple to me, of course, you do have to build up a little trust there first. But I never seemed to have a problem with that. But also one very important point, you can't sell everyone! - by mcaldwell

Remember, It's all about them.
Can't a script "make it all about them?" - by Skip Anderson
Good point, yes it can. To each his own, what works best for one person will not for another. I wish there were a simple formula for selling anyone but I've never found one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reviewing all the different closing scripts, knowing them, use them occassionally, find what works best for you. But the bottom line, ask for the order in some shape, form, or fashion! - by mcaldwell
I get the biggest kick out of this questions. I have been told a script is for newbies,unseasoned,uncreative people and in their best whiney voice you sould like a robot.
Bull Crap

Be creative with your script not one person has ever said read word for word.Become more creative make a script fit your personality and your speech pattern.

Remembering a script. Hello they become part of your process. You breathe air every day but not every breath is the same as the last one and you do not forget to breathe

A script is a guide ,one that prepares you for what the client may throw at you.A pause is a great tool. However stopping completely gives the impression to the client you are reaching and trying to figure out what to say next.Your response time is an indicator of how professional you are.

I was speaking to a fellow sales technician that claimed scripts were horrible. Questions asked of him ,I saw his eyes jumping,blinking stammering before a reply came forward. Yep I trust that guy.

Learn a few scripted responses,be creative and make them your own. You will see the benefits with being prepared. Shooting from the hip is seen by the cient.

When I have done my homework on a client I know the client well. I may even write down questions they are going to ask me and am prepared to answer those questions quickly, honestly.This is not robotical or uncreative.

I have a journal that I write questions the client asks me.I then write down my answers to those questions. scripted NO,prepared YES - by rich34232
I'm not a big script person either, but I do think they're useful in a way that isn't usually discussed...

Whether new or old to the sales game, selling is about being able to think and transition as you go forward with your customer. I think reading through scripts can "jog" your mental faculties and make you consider approaches that before were unknown to you.

Personally, my sales style is very flexible, based on my customer - I am constantly in a state of question/response leading them in the direction I wish them to go. Reading scripts, very much like going through sales training or reading other educational materials, is a way to broaden your thinking process and increase your skill level. You may never use or memorize the script, but possibly it will help you to define other language or persuasion skills that enrich you as a salesperson.

Would love to hear other opinions on this method of script use... - by ColleenMullins
First you would have to define what a script is. Almost 90% of the sales process is one way or the other scripted. You may not say the exact things everytime in your introduction, but it whatever you say has been scripted to achieve a certain result. If you use the definitive meaning of script, then yes it would been you say the same introduction, word for word on every customer. If you used a broad definition, which I believe to be the true definiton of a sales script is, you will adjust your introduction dependant on the customer. You wouldn't present a product to a single 80 year old man, as you would to a 24 year old mother of 3.
As for it being "all about them" thats great, if your in sales to make friends. But I don't work 80 hrs a week to make friends, I do it to make money. A good salesman will be able to maintain gross, while the customer feels they got a deal of a life time. Ever notice that the customers you make the most money on, are usually the customers that are happiest and send you the most refferrals. Yet the customer that you ended up negotiating price with for 3 hrs is the one that gives you the most problems. Atleast thats what I've seen in car sales, and sales is sales, only thing different is the product. - by jrboyd
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