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Referral question

i wish begin building a network of clients through other people whose clients may be interested in my field (exercise & nutrition)
that would be anyone a client of a chiropractor,osteopath,nutritionist,wedding/event planner,massage therapist and so on.
it was recommended to me by a colleuge (dyslexic apologies) that the best way would to be actually get treatments from these people.. and after the 2nd or 3rd session, after talking extensively about what i can do, and what they can do, then set up the arranged referral system

thats in a perfect world.

currently my budget does not allow me to be that subtle.
what i ve currently come up with, was an idea i got from a mr Paul Chek, an expert in exercise,nutrition and the like, to send a letter & offering them a free evaluation & sessions.
so i am first going to attack the private executive clinic in the hospital that i live near.this place charges 500 (about 700$) for their screening.. this is the letter i have written to the doctor,

Dear Dr. Coyle,
My name is Niall Curran, and I am an Exercise & Nutrition Coach, operating in the Cork City Centre.
Recently I was excited to be informed of the great work done in your clinic with your
patients & clients. In dealing with the corporate client myself, I can see the many uses of some of the tests that you perform in your clinic.
My area of practice is in Corrective Exercise for Athletes and Injury relief such as back or shoulder pain, Nutritional Coaching and Stress Management. In coaching I work with health conditions such as heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes. I would appreciate it, if you could send me some cards, or forms, so I can refer you some potential cleints in the future.
I understand that you are extremely busy but if possible, to schedule a short meeting or lunch in which time you could tell me more specifically the work that you do in the clinic, and what types of clients you would like to receive as referrals from me.
Please find enclosed an invitation for a free physical evaluation and initial exercise and nutrition programme so you can find out a little bit about what I do with my clients, in the hope of being a better service to you.
I look forward to hearing from you,


Niall Curran Pt PICP

i ve done my best to be as formal as possible, to make use of what brian jones calls the law of reciprocity.
is this a good approach?or is it too old fashioned.
that being said, this is cork, ireland, where things are about 20years behind the states in pretty everyway except of mtv,britney spears and clothing styles.
so it may work..
i ve a couple of other things going on in the aim of getting clients, but referal is about the best way.
many thanks for any help you may provide - by niallcore
Niall, here's my suggestion of how to go about building a referral relationship or alliance:

1. Engage the subject by getting them to talk about what they do. Strive to understand their business and their situation. People only care about themselves, they don't care about you.

2. Create a relationship, during which time you get to know each other. I realize you're in a hurry to get referrals, but the relationship development is key, imo. If the relationship develops, they will begin to care about you.

3. Propose that you explore ways to help each other.

4. Create a process for sharing leads and providing referrals that you can both live with.

5. Continue to nurture the relationship even after you're providing referrals to each other.

In a perfect world, at least, that's one way to get referrals.

I believe an introductory letter is fine, but relationships are what drive referrals...not letters, imo.

Often, the best way to get referrals is to give one or two or three referrals to the other person first, then they will reciprocate.

All the best,

Skip - by Skip Anderson
thanks skip as always.
well i gave that doctor the letter as above & she called me back a few hours later.
i think what u say makes sense.
the clinic that that doctor works in is a corportate executive clinic for heart conditions.
i think i could do good work with them.