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How to recruit serious sales people

I'm in the process of trying to build a sales team for the virtual staffing company I'm working with. It's a commission only, work at home position. I've been selling virtual staffing for several years now and love it but I'm having trouble finding serious sales people to apply.

There are so many work at home scams out there that it seems to be difficult for me to find the people who are looking for serious positions. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on where I can recruit or suggestions on how to recruit people who are looking for real jobs in this industry?

All advice is welcome! - by salesdirector
Work at home positions are difficult in finding talent because you must find those that are disciplined and have worked virtually in a previous setting.

First - hire for skill do not hire based on personality
Second - seek statistics request analysis from previous positions
Third - seek those perferably that have worked virtually
Fourth - set realistic daily goals and ensure you hold to accountables.
Fifth - Hire those in older generations, perferably late X and Boomer they are more willing to work solo and conduct reporting
Sixth - Look for part timers that currently have full time positions

Good Luck this should help to provide some insight. There are others and do not hesitate to ask if you need further assitance.

Drew Stevens
Split Second Selling - by Drew Stevens
The best recruiters are extraordinary networkers. I imagine that you are already leveraging this avenue. If not, networking is not an instant solution. It used to take half a lifetime to develop a powerful network of professional contacts willing to help. These days it can be done in a couple of years by intelligently utilising email and online professional networking tools such as LinkedIn and Plaxo.

The next best way is to use job boards and web sites to capture those searching for the kind of opportunities you offer. Explaining how to do this would take more time than I have and in any case, there others who know it better than I. My advice would be to dedicate some Google time to finding subject experts. If what they know works, it will be worth paying for.

If you would like to get in touch directly, I will introduce you to a friend of mine who operates a similar business in the UK. He may be prepared to share his experiences.

Clive Miller - by Clive Miller
Sales Director, while managing a sales team for a $600 million system intergrator, I spent years trying to avoid the recruitment industry (corporate direction). I'll spare you the impact on my time.

In any event, there are a number of approaches which you've seen touched-on so far in the thread.

As I understand what you're contemplating. In a past life, Paul MacLean and I worked together at Xerox Canada. He is focusing Ashlar on a similar premise but prefers to position it as providing, "... SR's as a variable cost of sales...".

We have worked a couple of accounts together and it's my sense that the potential is definitely there with the caveat that success is entirely dependent on Paul's ability to deliver on the promise (ie. SR's who will work on commission only).

You might want to connect with Paul and see if you can uncover his secret. I'll forward a rendition of this post to Paul as an "intro".

Good luck & Good selling!
Pat - by OUTSource Sales
Thank you all for the excellent advice! I'll be sure to follow up on the suggestions you've made and the people you've suggested I make contact with.

Janice - by salesdirector
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