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Strategy in Selling

How is strategy important in selling? - by Seth
How is strategy important in selling?
Does this definition of Strategy give you any ideas?

"How an organization intends to accomplish its vision; an approach, or 'game plan'."
- by Bulldog
Does this definition of Strategy give you any ideas?
Contrary to common misusage of the term, strategy is not synonymous with planning. The word is also often misused in place of tactics.

Perhaps this will help.

Strategy is:

A science based on the laws of human nature.
The way you analyze and advance positions.
A complete set of well-defined principles.
A system for turning problems into opportunities.
A process of four steps--listen, aim, move, claim.

Strategy achieves success by gradually improving positions. In application, strategy is in essence thinking hard about where you fit and where you are in relation to your environment.

The source is Gary Gagliardi, publisher of numerous books on strategic applications, and one of the world's foremost experts on the topic.

The text in bold type above can set you on a course towards understanding. - by Ace Coldiron
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