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How to build a sales team?

Hi, name's Mike.

I've recently started up a computer game outsourcing company. Our company consists of 3 Ukranian game development studios who have various game development expertise & have helped several clients build excellent 2D & 3D games with their services.

We're getting ready to launch a large sales effort in North America & Europe to help sell our services to big clients in our target niches - but we need to build a small sales team who can help us develop and execute a good sales effort.

To date, we've found finding good sales talent to be quite the challenge. We've been casting a wide net via posting our vancies and related discussions at game industry sites, partnerup.com, and entrepreneurial sites like this one - and no luck finding good candidates as of yet.

So my questions are this - feel free to answer any question you'd like.
1. Does anyone who has built a sales team before have specific suggestions for how we can get in direct contact with good sales candidates?
2. If you've built a sales team before, how did you get your candidates?
3. Would anyone here with sales experience like to help us build our sales team? We're launching a large business development effor here and offering excellent compensation for anyone who can help us make it successful. - by Gamer Mike
What solutions did you find for recruiting top sales talent? - by Bulldog
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