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Creative Ways Past the GateKeeper!

I would very much like to hear some of the Creative Ways that have worked to get you past the GateKeepers. - by MPrince
I like FedEx my letter to decision-makers. In most cases gatekeepers and other flunkies don't open FedEx letters. They are perceived to be too personal.

I know this is not too diplomatic, but since I've never had any interaction with the gatekeeper, it cannot be perceived as an intruder bypassing the gatekeeper.

Saying it differently, I have no intention to use the gate at all. I come down with a parachute and enter the building through a trap door on the roof. By the time the gatekeeper realises I'm in, it's too late. I'm in.

So, I suggest direct mail. It's amazing. No logo and no fancy stuff on the envelope. Hand-addressed envelope from person to person. No company name. And the letter is low key.

At this point I usually offer a white paper related to the prospect's industry's problems. Then the person comes into my sales funnel on his own volition.

Would this work for you?


BD - by Bald Dog
Pretty creative I'd say! I like it! - by MPrince
I too like Bald Dog's approach.....but.....

Let's say that we are forced to work with a gatekeeper.

I would do away with the idea that anyone in a company is a flunky. Each and every person I come into contact with has value as a person and you never know what information they can provide you.

I remeber one time I walked into a company and the only guy there was the guy in overalls shipping boxes. I asked who ordered all the products and he told me he did but I didn't believe him at first. But I didn't dismiss him and I asked him about the company and the products and his customers. With all this information I got a $20,000 order.

Oh yeah, the shipping clerk was also the business owner who was shipping because his regular clerk was on vacation. He didn't tell me he was the owner and I am glad that I didn't dismiss him as a flunky.

Good Selling! - by Sell4alivn
Great Story!!! Because of your patience, willingness to listen without prejudging you got a great order. - by MPrince
First, stop calling this person the "gatekeeper", it sounds so negative. Remember one thing, their just doing what they've been told.

Become their friend. Wine and dine them like a prospect. They do hold the 'key' to whether you get to see the boss or not. - by Jim Klein

I totally agree. It is their job to protect their boss and they are doing what they have been told to do. You can only imagine what they have to endure in the course of a day so my hat is off to them. They hold one of the most difficult positions in a company. It has been my experience when I give the "GateKeeper" the respect they deserve then I am respected in return and most often given the information I need and even given access to the decision maker. Lets face it, more often than not this person between you and the decision maker wields much power and it would behoove you to have that power on your side.

MP - by MPrince
I cannot remember the last time I ever failed to gain access to someone I wished to speak to. Perhaps that puts me in the minority. Perhaps the fact that I have never referred to another human being as "gatekeeper" puts me in the minority here. Perhaps somehow those two facts are related.

For those who truly believe that selling is a people business, you might want to consider if labeling people is congruent with that outlook.

My "creative way" to "get past" anybody is to treat them with the respect that I would want be treated with. Four decades of success tells me it works. - by Ace Coldiron
Let's hope it works with Saint Peter as well! - by MPrince
I think the name gatekeeper is pretty neutral, and it's us who it meaning.

I treat them with respect, when a gatekeepers tells me "Send your stuff to me and if it passes my assessment, I'll pass it on to the boss" I don't send anything.

Especially if we sell complex stuff, gatekeepers don't have the expertise to evaluate them