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Porch Light Close

The Porch Light Close, I have been using this one a ton lately.

I get terrible reviews from saying I use this from my fellow Painting Contractor Pals, and also curious If I am the only one that likes this one.

I only use it when all else fails,

Porch Light Close #1:

Now Mr. and Mrs. Jone's,
You know what they say about a picture right? (they look at me dazed like why is he saying this and nod there head because I am,lol)
(I always lean this next question at the one least interested, I think its always been the man)
Then the look you just gave each other could be worth a million, Now Sir I don't have to live here like you do and what if you got just one of those words wrong when you looked at each other?

Before he answers, I say listen I am going to give you all time to talk and think about this project. I am going to go out to my car so you can discuss this and when you are done flick your porch light or open your door, I will be looking for you.

Porch light #2

They may never look at each other, weird but this happened last week. 8 minutes roughly I waited for them to glance at each other while I figured out what to say if they didn't. They never did so I said now folks I'm getting ready to leave and before I do lets recap every thing we went over, after that I ask for a close and if I get a no and they don't buy still I said on this one.

Now if a picture says a thousand words, and you to look at each other on my way out the door and get a word wrong, you will both be disappointed you did not hire me today, I'm going out to my car and hopefully when I come back in we can sign you up. - by Mr. Mike
That is a variation of what has been termed The Outhouse Close. You have dramatized it, and I would be in agreement with your fellow painting contractors on this.

The psychology behind this type of close stems from the idea that a prospect tandem, usually a man and wife or two partners, need to communicate between themselves PRIVATELY, in order to make sure of the other's leanings. In many cases, both parties want to buy, but they don't know if their partner agrees. The salesperson finds reason to temporarily leave the setting so that the partners can confer.

It is a HIGHLY effective tactic that can salvage opportunities that would otherwise be lost. But it needs, in my opinion, to be kept simple and certainly not executed in a flamboyant manner.. - by Ace Coldiron
It would be awesome to hear it done to perfection. Although I must say this has been close to 100% I even did it back to back on the same couple in one night. After the second time they signed. That night I learned a lot about this close, because while I had to do it twice told me I had to tell them what to talk about.lol - by Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike, I don't quite follow the verbiage in your post, but what I train is "The Driveway Close", which is a way of overcoming the "we need to talk it over" objection you hear when selling in the home. It's also effective as a last attempt at closing if you feel confident the customer wants your product but is struggling with the price of it or some other factor.

"I completely understand that the two of you need to talk this over. And I know your time is valuable and I know my time is valuable. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to go out to my car and check my voicemail messages and maybe make a few other calls. The two of you go ahead and talk this over...take as much or little time as you need. When you're ready for me to come back in, just flick the lights on your garage on and off, and I'll come back in and get your answer."

I agree with Ace that it's effectiveness will increase with simplicity, and diminish with a flamboyant approach. And it's certainly not a "cure-all" closing approach, but works very well for specific situations. - by Skip Anderson
This is a variation of the door knob close and the last chance close. - by rich34232
Do you have any concerns with my proposal ,do you have any concerns with my ability to fulfill my promises? Do you have any doubts about my ability to do this for you? How about giving me a try,lets make this a thing of the past,lets get started on this. - by rich34232
I like this one. I'll integrate it into my scripting, because it may be something I have to use when I have a couple in my office considering a training contract for either one or both.

Good stuff! - by DynamicMentalFitness
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