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Can You Get a Second First Impression?

If you make a bad impression on your first sales call do you think you have a chance to redeem yourself? - by MPrince
Given the chance, yes I believe you can make up for a bad first impression. - by Mikey
It depends on how badly you botched the first one. - by Jim Klein
You can never get a first impression back however you can change the perception a client has of you.
I hear this all the time people do not buy off someone they do not like.I claim this is false. I have met people I despised.They were arrogant,demeaning,pretentious ,someone has to engage this client it might as well be me.I am pretty positive I have had client who felt the same way with meat times.Personality clashes happen.Would you say the first impression when there is a personality difference is favorable? I am willing to step out on a small limb and say they were not.
Trust becomes the issue and when they feel they can trust you the first impression can be overcome. It takes work to gain the trust.Be willing to earn that trust and exceed client expectations. - by rich34232
I agree with you. I have been told we have thirty seconds or less to make a good first impression and that is true but it takes time and effort to build a trusting lasting relationship or as you put it "exceed client expectations". So I agree that you can overcome a bad first impression only if you are willing to put forth the effort.

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