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2009...best year ever?

With all this talk of depressed markets in most industries what 2 things will ensure success in a tough market place?

I will be asking my sales teams to focus on:
  • Make sure our sales process has a good amount of analysis and valid advice in the solution proposal so that our prospects and clients benefit from our analysis even if they donít buy from us right now.
  • Making sure we really understand the new challenges that our customers are having themselves and figuring out how we can help them solve their problems.
- by Tony Dunne
Down economy but I can.....

Control my attitude. sn;

Increase my activity to find more qualified prospects. shds;

Become more creative in finding applications for my product.:thu

Show my existing customers how important they are to me to protect them from competition.:fri

Take pride in the fact that when I go to work every day that I am contributing to the improvement of the economic situation.

Good Selling! - by Sell4alivn
1. Stop listening to all the negative talk. Sales are only as good as you believe they will be.

2. Sharpen your skills in ALL areas of the sales process. - by Jim Klein
1. Do the right sales behaviors over and over again and you'll be successful.

2. Learn the right sales behaviors.

(not necessarily in that order!) - by Skip Anderson
May sound cliche, but I have always found that sticking to the sales basics works the best. I am a true believer in the K.I.S.S. theory. (Keep it Short and Simple) I dont complicate things, I work all the customers the same, and I my sales never fluxate much regardless of the economy. I've never seen a note on any sales process that I have studied that says "**Only works when the Economy is Good" - by jrboyd
Our sales process concerns home owners copmmonly knowns as b2c.Our goals this year are clearly stated.
1. Build a strong relationship for the long term
2. Raise our value for the client
These are the same goals we adopted last year and have served us well.While our competition have struggled to keep half thier business going we are adding staff to keep up with demand.
What is a strong point,our staff meets on a weekly basis on our own discussing the weeks events. We set up a round table where each are equal partners and discuss what works,what does not and what each of us have found difficult. We help each other in our weaknesses.A great enviroment for growth and willingness to work together.
By the way none of receive pay. What we receive,increase sales and additional sales that add to our incentives. - by rich34232
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